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Got a video game streaming channel? Or a video? Want to share it with the community? This is the thread for that! Please do not make an entire thread for your streaming channel or video...
So, are there any games you would like to be better at? Any games that you play and you just think "Dang, I really suck at this" and you just want to level up your own skill? For me, I would love...
Someone will spend so much money to buy a model to put at home? Curious because I saw a game live action character website with a high price tag, in the end would anyone really buy it? I bet no...
  • O
    • I can't believe people would spend so much on rubbish like that.
  • Replies: 2
Hi everyone. So I was looking for a Clevo laptop since I know they are a quite good build for the money. Found these two brands and I can't decide which one to buy. The laptops basically have the...
Online gaming has become an increasingly popular hobby of late. There are a number of reasons behind its increase in popularity, such as the variety of games, the accessibility or simply the...
  • Arham Malik
    • I love online games man. Love beating some online players ass! :P
  • Replies: 1
Playing video games can be great fun, but many people wonder if there’s any benefit to them beyond entertainment value. The answer, surprisingly, maybe yes: Research has shown that playing certain...
  • M
    • Yes, absolutely. There’s things gaming can teach you that you can use in real life.
  • Replies: 3
Here are the league of legends strongest champions according to lore! Read more about it on here: [Top 15] LOL Strongest Champions According To Lore When it comes to champion strength it can be...
  • Rat
    • You are correct and that's why they are at the number one spot :D
  • Replies: 2
Welcome to the The Screenshot Gaming Community. Use this thread to post your in game screenshots. Be sure to use this format so we can tell what you are playing. NAME OF GAME [Screenshot] Be...
Welcome to The JoyFreak Community Thread!!!! AKA The CT!!! With the countless threads that the community will see, some may deem them not “thread worthy”. That’s where a Community Thread comes...
Pretty impressive trailer. Looks like RE4 (2023) will be scarier than the original. Leon Kennedy looks the same as he did in the RE2 remake, though.
I played this game many times. This is a strategy base game. This is what I like most. That's why I recommend this game to everyone. Who here plays Castle Story on Steam?
New gameplay from Wild Terra 2 Online: New Lands. Our dream game in development. Recently added house building, fishing and furnace for the processing of basic materials and minerals. Check how it...
  • rootstereo
    • Save 75% on Wild Terra 2 until July 7th Buy on our site: Buy on Steam:
  • Replies: 7
If you hear any sirens soon, then yes, it's true. ;) Dusk Golem is some guy! 🤡
Why do a lot of gaming computers have RGB lighting on them? It’s a question that’s been asked for years, and there’s finally an answer. The answer is pretty simple really, but the reason it hasn’t...
Does anyone play Subway Surfers mobile? I'm really addicted to this game especially being an old gamer, it is a pretty straight forward game, I can sometime spend hours playing it. Who else plays...
  • Bur
    • Yeah, I play this during my morning train commute to work. You're right, it is pretty addictive!
  • Replies: 9
I am not an avid gamer like most so I would say I don't get bored as often. Maybe that is why as well. Because I don't play it all the time, it becomes a nice little reprieve my husband & I do...
  • Bur
    • I loved the old WWE games, especially the ones for Nintendo 64. That silly "Diggity Dog" track...
  • Replies: 17
What is your fav/best support? Mine is lux and seraphine <3
  • N
    • I don’t have one. I’m looking to start playing. What’s the best class you would recommend?
  • Replies: 1
The long-awaited DLC for Outriders has arrived and it not only provides a first-rate new chapter for the game as well as a redemption for the game which had a rough launch and was targeted by...
  • twitchguru729
    • Cool, I’ve never played Outriders. Is it any good?
  • Replies: 1
And time for my last article, the best tier 3 fighters. There will be plenty of planes, mostly from the USA but also from Germany+Soviet Union. Once more, thank you for reading my articles and...


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