Beyond The Keyboard: When To Pause And Breathe


Have you ever felt like your in-game character could run a marathon, slay dragons, and save the universe while you’re just mashing buttons? It’s funny how we can guide these virtual heroes through epic adventures, but sometimes forget to navigate ourselves to a simple break. We’ve all been there, where you get to a place where you almost seem to play on autopilot, mindlessly chasing objectives and game progress. Gaming is a mesmerizing experience, and a digital rollercoaster of emotions, but even the most intense roller coaster has a pause button. Life on the other hand unfortunately does not. Now, we wouldn’t ever suggest you hang up your keyboard and headset for good, that would make absolutely zero sense, we’re highlighting some examples of when a short break could be exactly what your gaming mojo needs.

The Power-Up Of A Timeout​

Gaming frustration. Remember those moments when you’re stuck in a game, and no matter how many times you try, you can’t seem to advance? It’s like hitting a brick wall. Super frustrating, right? While it can be really difficult to take a step back, especially when you know how to get around the challenge can be super useful. Sometimes, stepping away for a bit is the ultimate cheat code. When you return, that once insurmountable boss suddenly shows weakness, and you’re victorious. It’s not just a change in strategy; it’s a refreshing change of your mind.

The Refreshing Realm Of Reality​

Reality often feels like the less exciting cousin of the gaming world. And that’s why we game. But, let’s face it, the graphics are unbeatable, and the physics engine? Top-notch. There’s a whole world outside waiting to be explored, full of unexpected quests and mini-games. Ever tried cooking a new recipe? Or how about exploring various escape rooms with friends? It’s a real-world puzzle that tests your wit and teamwork, minus the respawning enemies. The point is that taking some time to live in reality can help you reset and appreciate the beauty of life outside of gaming, albeit for a day or a weekend.

Unplugging To Recharge​

Continuous gaming marathons can be like running a car on fumes. Eventually, performance drops. Although we seldom admit it, we’ve all been there. So, taking time to unplug and recharge isn’t just good for your physical and mental health; it enhances your gaming abilities. Think of it as leveling up real life. With a fresh perspective games are often more enjoyable and rewarding. Why not give it a go?

Balancing The Health Bar​

Health bars in games are a constant reminder to keep your character in fighting shape. Luckily in most games, health seems to regenerate rather quickly and that’s why your character can keep going for what seems to be an eternity. But in life, this isn’t the case at all. Our health bars don’t regenerate in a couple of seconds; it actually takes a concerted effort and hours to get back to prime. So when you see that health bar in your game, consider this a nudge to treat your health bar with the same urgency. A bit of exercise, or just a walk in the park. It’s not about becoming a fitness guru; it’s about keeping the health bar green.

The Social Side Quest​

Humans, much like some of our favorite RPG characters, are social creatures. Social interactions are like those side quests that you didn’t think much of but ended up being incredibly rewarding. Catching up with friends or making new ones can be the hidden gems that enrich your gaming narrative. Yes, we know that the online social hubs are thriving and Discord is your best friend, but seeking some social interaction away from the PC won’t hurt. In fact, you’d be surprised at how different and enriching a conversation could be if you’re not chasing after an enemy online.


Achieving The High Score In Sleep​

The elusive high score in the game of life? Quality sleep. While pulling an all-nighter might seem like a badge of honor, it’s like entering a boss fight with half a health bar. Sleep rejuvenates, recharges, and resets your brain, making you more alert and improving those twitch reflexes. Remember, even your PC hits sleep mode every now and then. Look, we know you know this. All the mumbo jumbo of sleep, but the reality is a lack of sleep doesn’t catch you over a matter of a day or two. It is the weeks and months of little sleep that end up causing the most problems. So, work out a system or a schedule for when you game and when you rest. All we’re saying is, don’t neglect it.

The Joy Of Anticipation​

There’s a unique thrill in the anticipation of returning to your beloved game after a break. It’s like the excitement before starting a new level, but with the added bonus of coming back stronger and more focused. The game hasn’t changed, but your approach to it has. This pause creates a sense of renewed enthusiasm and often, a surge in skill level. This is like getting back from work after you’ve just started a new game, the excitement is tangible. And so it should be, that’s exactly why breaks are important.

The Wisdom Of The Save Point​

In the realm of gaming, save points are sacred. They’re a moment of respite, a chance to breathe and strategize. Life’s save points are similar. They’re the moments when you step back, assess your strategy, and maybe choose a different path. It’s not giving up; it’s playing smart.

Leveling Up In Life​

Remember, taking a break isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s a strategy for longevity. In the grand game of life, pauses are essential. They’re what keep you fresh, focused, and ready to face the next big challenge. So next time you’re deep into a gaming marathon, remember to hit that pause button. Take a breath, live a little outside the screen, and then come back stronger.

Gaming isn’t just about the high scores or epic wins; it’s about enjoying the journey, both virtual and real. So, embrace the pause, recharge, and then dive back into your virtual worlds with a fresh approach.
A professional gamer knows when to hold and play. While gaming for long hours it gets into your habit of when to take a pause and when to resume.
First of all, it is also important to ask here a basic question that applies to many people, namely whether we most simply know how to relax. Here we can use a variety of relaxation techniques that will affect the successful and at the same time effective rest. Meditation, deep breathing or autogenic training are especially recommended. Greetings and have a nice day :)
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