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Today let us bring you KAKU: Ancient Seal 2022 Demo vs 2023 Early Access Version! Since the demo was released in October last year, we have devoted all our efforts to optimizing and iterating on the game performance and visual effects, as well as localization work. We haven't...
  • Shagger
    • I'm not actually convinced the new version is much of an upgrade to tell the truth,
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Got a video game streaming channel? Or a video? Want to share it with the community? This is the thread for that! Please do not make an entire thread for your streaming channel or video, otherwise it may be deleted and issued with a warning. You can embed your video...
  • bmgplaythroughs
    • I am so close to my next subscriber target (i wonder if anyone will see this) have a great day everyone!
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Since there is one for Xbox and pc/steam here is one for Playstation
  • Shagger
    • I know this is most likly a bot, but on the odd chance it's not, I have to ask. Did you actually read the title of the thread before you commented...
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Are you on Steam? Post a link to your Steam profile to allow other gamers to find you and friend request you. I’m at Steam Community :: Devious Tyrant
Use this thread to talk about your favorite Xbox games, Xbox consoles, and anything Xbox!
  • Reverie
    • I have an xbox one X just to have one it seems. It collects dust and is how I watch Netflix and etc on my Bedroom TV :P
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It’s on sale at Steam for $40. I leaped. I’m impressed so far with the graphics but having some issues. Anyone playing this? The Controls primarily designed for console require some getting used to. Where are the quests listed in game? I can’t find them… 🤔 I don’t like the...
  • Huntn
    • The thing is I am used to having my hand held. In The Outer Worlds, I’m doing quests on a space station where I landed in one of it’s bays, and...
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For those who missed it, here is Bethesda's in-depth look into thier upcoming Space Exploration RPG, Starfield. I for one do find myself getting more exited, but still keep to keep this game at arm's length given Bethesda's track record. I'm impressed by the sheer scale...
  • Shagger
    • I may have to ped the settings back, but the game should be playable on my current system. However, if buy some miracle I can upgrade before the...
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This game has a lot of potential, and current reports are that AI in battles is hard to beat, yet people will be harder. At least this is my understanding. I’ve worked my way through the first six tutorial and it feels weighty in a good way, as in someone put a lot of...
  • Huntn
    • The game is tough, a bit too tough. It’s still in beta so maybe it will move in the right direction.
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I really was in love with X3, which I would not call a Grand Strategy game, but more of a trading, combat game, although technically it is a 4X game. I have been eyeing Nebulous Fleet Command fleet combat) which is on sale for the next couple of days at Steam, which I have...
X4: FOUNDATIONS brings our most sophisticated universe SIMULATION ever. Fly every ship, EXPLORE space or manage- yeah except, you have to figure it out yourself via hours of internet exploration a broken AI, game mechanics that don’t work like they should, and zero social...
Are you gonna buy it this fall? 🌒 I played the first one back in 2008. I found it was quite hard, and never returned to it when my Xbox 360 went bust. But I will try to pick up the remastered version next week. ;)
  • B
    • Survival horror is back, at last. :) I was beginning to think the genre was dying, because all of the RE games besides the remakes are like...
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Hey there, I'm Chris Newton AKA Bunnypoppop, the President of BagoGames and I'm delighted to have JoyFreak become a place where our community can speak to each other, discuss our articles, games, news and whatever they desire with everyone here! A little backstory on Bago...
  • johnwood
    • Great to hear about BagoGames and the community you’re building on JoyFreak! Congrats on 10+ years of success and best of luck with your continued...
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Welcome to the The Screenshot Gaming Community. Use this thread to post your in game screenshots. Be sure to use this format so we can tell what you are playing. NAME OF GAME [Screenshot] Be sure to not post any spoilers with your screenshots!!!!
Is there any source of X4 Foundations expertise here? I played this for about 6 months in 2018 when it was released, quit, tried again in 2020, quit, and am now trying once more in 2023. The game has a vertical learning curve, I spend a good portion of every play session...
  • Huntn
    • i was an enthusiastic X3 player. Sad to say I’ve bailed on X4, practically every step was a struggle. I don’t want to have to spend long periods...
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A decade ago I started with Farcry 3 a 2012 first-person shooter game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and loved not only its open world nature, but appreciated the beautiful vistas on a tropical island. FarCry 3 I played the heck out of this game. Then I moved on to FarCry 4...
Remember blasting aliens on a Galaga machine, jumping on turtles with a Nintendo console, raising hell on Doom with a 486 PC or tagging up Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas on your Playstation 2 ? Then welcome to the retro thread! From the earliest incarnations of...
  • WildWorldGames
    • Anybody got good vids for hacking an xbox 360 to play Retro stuff?
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For those that are into Rockstar Games feel free to join Founders Of The Lost. This is a relaxed Crew that is all about having fun in Rockstar titles such as Grand Theft Auto V, Red Dead Redemption 2, Max Payne 3, etc. Founders Of The Lost - Rockstar Games Social Club
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