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Welcome to JoyFreak Hello new member. It's great to have you be part of our community! JoyFreak is an independent gaming forum on the internet (with discussions about everything else as well) so...
  • KAKU Ancient Seal
    • hi everyone I'm new here;)I am a developer of KAKU:Ancient Seal. I just wanted to share with...
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I'm a believer of reincarnation. How about you?
  • zoldos
    • I want the cheapest funeral possible. I think paying $10,000 or whatever for a funeral...
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Share your rabbit hole journey.... Oddly satisfying: Hilarious: The Kenneth Copeland special:
Open ended thread; what are you currently listening to, and what's your thoughts about it? Currently listening to Ghost, after the missus turned me onto them. It's fairly accessible rock/metal...
Some people are just so sick. Why hate!!
  • Dakota
    • The hate goes with the culprits responsible This is not really a woke forum that is down the...
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Even if the news is filled with dire warnings and a 2023 recession is predicted, prosperity is still a possibility. The cost of living problem will continue to have an impact on small companies...
Favorite anime series?
I currently work for a loan company and I'm a Retention Specialist. I am one of seven total Retention Specialists that cover over 38 states within the USA. What do I do? Basically, when a customer...
Hey! I ordered a new graphics card from Amazon. The package I received contained a completely different graphics card and showed signs of being used with dust on the fans and scratches on the...
  • zoldos
    • Agreed, but they seem to have a really good return system....
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The 80s thread for all the recommended movies and music of that decade or make a 80s playlist (say 5 songs max) The Lost Boys
What are some of your favorite quotes that might represent something you totally believe in? Use no way as way, have no limitation as limitation. (Bruce Lee) The key to immortality is first...
  • Dakota
    • “In order to be able to think, you have to risk being offensive” - Jordan Peterson
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This terrified rat had a lucky escape.
Working on basic tasks is made easier with coding skills. Understanding programming is helpful for managing and working on large projects. Simple tools and simple syntax are needed for coding...
Have you ever lost a gaming friend? Recently I lost my Call Of Duty Mobile best friend to suicide. Though I never met him in real life, we've played for an hour or so every night basically for 2...
  • T
    • I used to chat to a guy in 2003. I don't know if he still uses forums. A guy came to my door...
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How important is your pet's food? Are you concerned about the quality of food your pet eats?
Miracles are acts that cannot be explained by nature or science. Do you believe miracles happen? Can you give an example?
I'm looking forward for the new season of Game Of Thrones. I aslo watch the DC Comics series such as the flash,arrow and supergirl. Supernatural is also the one of my list. What series are you...
LOL, i just joined this forum & nobody is there to interact, i keep posting random stuff about games, but i think they all are..aghh leave it!
I would say either 9/11 or the queen's mother death.
  • T
    • 9/11 with those murdering scumbags hijacking four planes, and killing over 3000 people that day...
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Uh... What's the point here? LOL. I even miss the little Topic bars. Bounty are awesome. The dark chocolate ones are amazing. 🏝️ This is shameful stuff.


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