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Welcome to JoyFreak Hello new member. It's great to have you be part of our community! JoyFreak is an independent gaming forum on the internet (with discussions about everything else as well) so...
  • Dan Amoke
    • Hi to all also new to the community and most excited to be part of it. As an introductory token...
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Why do a lot of gaming computers have RGB lighting on them? It’s a question that’s been asked for years, and there’s finally an answer. The answer is pretty simple really, but the reason it hasn’t...
  • sophiaj159
    • This give crazy looks to the system. Also help to know the parts are working properly and active.
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With 2022 being halfway through, anime fans are eagerly anticipating the year's forthcoming feature releases. Fans were treated to a promising start in 2022, with highly anticipated anime shows...
Share your rabbit hole journey.... Oddly satisfying: Hilarious: The Kenneth Copeland special:
Open ended thread; what are you currently listening to, and what's your thoughts about it? Currently listening to Ghost, after the missus turned me onto them. It's fairly accessible rock/metal...
Hey what's up people? Please share what software editor do you prefer and why? I've used Wonderfilm Filmora and Davinci Studio. Liked Davinci Studio (Paid Version) better due to the number of...
If you were immortal, what would you do? Personally, I probably would take advantage of immortality and organize a shady organization that allows me to control things from the background, so that...
  • zoldos
    • I'd make my g/f immortal as well. It would be like the ending to Queen of the Damned. :D
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What colour underwear do you wear? I usually wear a range of colours.
What colour socks are you wearing now? Currently barefoot, but I usually wear black or white.
  • Bur
    • Right now I'm wearing socks with various emojis on it. By the way, white socks in 2022 is still...
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What is your favourite app on your smartphone? Do you have an app that you use every day? Tell us which app you need to have installed. For me, I can't go a day with TikTok, it's a great way to...
  • A
    • There are lots of my favorite apps!!But youtube,Minecraft,instahgram all are my favourite
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So, what is everyone currently saving towards? Given this is a gaming forum, I'm expecting a lot of PS5/XOSX responses, but it could just as easily be a car, kitchen referb, or anything really...
  • wackgamer247
    • At this rate, I need to start saving for the next Nvidia graphics card. I'm thinking gonna need...
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This could just be because I watched a video on urban legends, but what if there was a game that combined urban legends from all places and cultures? Perhaps it could be a horror game with one...
Hell no. I didn't really enjoy much of 2021 at all. I thought this year totally SUCKED! Roll on 2022. ;)
I'd like to see what other people are blogging about and comment if it's something of interest to me. Who else has a blog other than me?
  • poizonCrab8
    • Yes, I am trying to do blog Maybe u can rate it for me?) I'm new to it
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So I'm feeling hella nostalgic right now. I'm wondering, what was your favorite website when you were in high school? Did you ever run one back then? I had many proboards forums that went nowhere...
I prefer dark and dry British humour. How about you?
Favorite anime series?
Love, Death & Robots, a Netflix anthology series, has become the service's biggest platform for experimental animation production since its debut in 2019. Each book of the series, created by...
  • G
    • Yeah I think Jibaro and Bad Travelling were my favorites.
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Who here has Facebook and uses it regularly? Does anyone here like using Facebook at all? I used to like it when it was still relatively new but now I really dislike it and only use it to keep up...
  • M
    • Facebook was great when it was just starting. I still use it to connect with real-life people...
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