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Jul 5, 2020
Open ended thread; what are you currently listening to, and what's your thoughts about it?

Currently listening to Ghost, after the missus turned me onto them. It's fairly accessible rock/metal, with some really catchy tunes. Normally prefer things a little heavier, but it's pretty damn good. "Rats" is an instant classic :)
Mostly I've been listening to King Crimson. Pretty good band, I can safely say.

Listenin to it now because it's on my playlist and one of my favs.
I love that song. Music video is pretty weird though lol.
Currently listening to AJ Tracey - Shisha
Currently listening to Superman by Goldfinger from the old THPS soundtrack...

I'm currently listening to Capital FM
I love Ghost! I usually listen to Killswitch Engage, their latest album 'Atonement' is probably one of my favorite from any band ever, I can listen to it back-to-back without growing tired of it.
Currently listening to Main Chick by Kid Ink and Chris Brown on Spotify

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