The Best Bingo Games


What is Bingo?

Bingo is a game played in traditional bingo halls, where people come together in large groups to play against each other to try and win prizes.

It is a game of probability, where players are given cards with a selection of random numbers on them and have to mark down on their cards when their numbers are called out. The first person to have all their numbers marked off is the winner.

Traditionally, these games were played in bingo halls, and people marked down on cards with daubers or dabbers. But now, the rise of the internet and mobile gaming means that there are many different ways people can play bingo from their own homes or on the go. The principles are the still same, but there’s now a whole array of different types of online bingo games to choose from.

Deal or No Deal

There are so many different variations of online bingo to play, all with different themes and giving a unique twist to the original format.

Based on the iconic long-running television game, tombola’s exclusive Deal or No Deal bingo game incorporates all of the most fun parts of the game show and gives it an exciting twist. Deal or No Deal Banker’s Bonus has many great prizes on offer, with cash prizes of up to £1,000!

Bingo Roulette

For those who love playing games under the bright lights of a casino, or casino-style games on mobile devices, bingo roulette is a really fun unique game that combines the best parts of bingo and roulette.

Players can choose between different chat rooms before picking their preferred colour chips and heading to the virtual roulette board. The aim of the game is to place your chips on numbers on the board and when a number is called out, your chip will be removed. If you clear all your chips from the board within 12 calls, you win the jackpot!

90-Ball Bingo

As previously mentioned, there are countless variations of bingo you can now play at home or on the go. But the most popular by far across the globe and in the UK remains 90-ball bingo.

This game consists of 90 numbers and is the game that is typically played in traditional bingo halls to this day. Numbers are displayed at random on cards across nine columns with five numbers in each of the three rows, meaning there are fifteen numbers on each card in total.

There are three stages to the game, with three chances to be a winner. The first winner is the first person to mark down numbers in a horizontal row. The second winner must have two complete horizontal rows, with the main prize going to the person who has every single number on their card marked off. This is called a full house.

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