The best US slot sites in 2024


If you set slot gaming aside as a standalone entity from the juggernaut of digital casino gaming, it would be a highly successful enterprise. Slot gaming is one of the most identifiable types of casino gaming, essentially acting as the foundation for casino floors worldwide.

While slot machine gaming might not have been able to transition online with the same sort of success as roulette or blackjack initially, it has become a resounding success. In the age of smartphones and tablets with high specifications, slot games have arguably witnessed the most change but have galvanized a new audience thanks to their ability to push into new territories and experiment with existing gaming models to create something new.

What makes a great slot site?​

If there were a winning formula that web designers could sell to casino companies, then it’d be worth an incredible amount of money. A number of components constitute a great slot site. While some providers might be better at it than others, those that do it poorly will often fall behind the chasing pack.

For slot gamers, the range of slot games often influences their decision about using a specific provider. The best casinos will have this in their arsenal anyway, and all the top US slot sites we will tell you about today have this in their locker. In addition to having a wide variety of slots, other important factors include:
  • Excellent customer service
  • Positive reputation among other casino gamers
  • An accessible mobile app where you can deposit and withdraw your funds with no fuss

While it is essential to take a break in the digital world, there’s no denying that mobile apps and phones will continue to play a central role in casino gaming and our greater society, and the slot sites that identify the importance of this trend have been able to get ahead of their competitors.

Top US slot sites to explore in 2024​

Draft Kings​

There’s no other starting point other than DraftKings. Although the company also offers an extensive sportsbook and fantasy games, its commitment to becoming a huge player in slot gaming has not gone unnoticed by online reviewers and industry experts.

Perhaps benefiting from the immense financial muscle that comes from having such a revered, internationally renowned operation, the transition into the slot machine sector was not a difficult one for the company. Operating out of Boston, DraftKings has gone from strength to strength in the 12 years they’ve been in existence.

It is now the most prominent online gambling operator in the US, and while it’s not just due to the quality of their slots, it shows how impressive their larger business operation is. Top slot picks on their site include 777 Strike and Masks of Fire, but their range of video slots is impressive. Another reason this site stands alone is due to how smooth and seamless their slot gaming is on iOS and Android tablets and mobile devices.

BetMGM and Caesars​

Closely behind DraftKings, two other prominent names in casino gaming make up the chasing pack. Having already made their names as global figures in gambling, BetMGM and Caesars moved their operations from land-based success to a digital dynasty with next to no issues.

Rather impressively, they’ve used their already strong and longstanding connections with slot design companies to develop many slot game designs exclusively on their platforms. It’s important to note that these two casinos are completely different entities, but both have a fantastic and varied range of slots.

Borgata Casino​

Last but not least, we have Borgata. While they might not be as notable as some of the other casinos we have touched on today, their average review across several different sites and independent reviews, including ours, actually pits them as the top slots sites.

Although our reviewers preferred other elements of some casinos, such as Caesars and BetMGM, Borgata seems to be attracting a lot of positive reviews with a higher average score than even some of the most revered names, so we would be doing you a disservice if we didn’t tell you to check them out.


Slot gamers may make up a minor part of the industry, especially with the collective might of other games like roulette, poker and blackjack, but they have a permanent place in the plans of any reputable casino. Sites such as McLuck, Stardust, Gambino Slots and Fortune Coins are some new examples of providers making a name for themselves by focusing solely on slot gaming.

The best US slot sites can also adapt, and many providers we have touched on will have different offerings. Even within a few months, there’ll be fresh games to explore, new bonuses and different elements to consider. It is the refusal to stand still in such a fast-moving industry that has led to the success of a number of the operators we touched on today. Not only has it resulted in their success, but it also leaves them in a prime position to continue marching forward in this multibillion-dollar industry.

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