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Going on a holiday can be exciting, but there may be times when the days are slow, and you need to find simple yet fun ways to occupy yourself. Fortunately, there’s a solution; you can make the travel time much more enjoyable with cool travel games that the whole family can participate in. Whether you’re cruising in a car, flying in a plane, riding on a train, or staying in a hotel, these games are just the thing to keep everyone entertained.

1. Ubongo To Go​

Do you fancy a game on the go? If you’re into puzzles, check out Ubongo To Go. It’s like Tetris, fitting all the pieces neatly into its tin. The challenge cards keep you busy, matching up the coloured shapes. It might seem simple at first, but it ramps up the difficulty as you go along. Ubongo To Go is perfect for those marathon flights. Play it alone or challenge your pals; either way, you’re guaranteed to enjoy it.

2. Dobble​

This ideal travel game is about spotting symbols and racing to match them up against your mates. Quick and perfect for all ages, it’s a real test of your eagle-eyed skills and lightning-fast reflexes. With 55 cards, each with eight symbols, it’s incredible how every single one links up with another. Dobble is a brilliant game, especially when playing on your trip, as it helps you make good use of the time while keeping you engaged.

3. Solitaire​

Solitaire is a timeless classic; you only need a deck of cards and a solid strategy to conquer the game. The goal is to arrange those cards just right. With heaps of variations, each one spices up the challenge in its unique way. Plus, you can either go traditional with a pack of cards or play it on your phone, which is super convenient for those on-the-go moments. Meanwhile, classic card games like hearts are also a terrific alternative. They are just as handy and easy to dive into if you’re road-tripping, waiting at the airport, or hopping on a train.

4. Randomise​

Randomise by Gamely is compact, versatile, and plain fun. This little gem encourages you to mime, draw, or describe the wackiest characters. Whether you’re acting out a befuddled dinosaur, selling imaginary lemonade, or sketching a clumsy beaver trying to hula hoop, laughter is guaranteed. What’s even better is that the game isn't just about fun and games. They’re also about giving, so keep this in mind. With 10% of their profits going to charity and a commitment to planting 10 trees for every one they use in production, it’s all about heart and soul. Here’s a little heads-up: in this game, it’s all about the fun, not the points. So keep the competition light-hearted to avoid any potential meltdowns.

5. Monopoly Deal​

Monopoly Deal is a quick-fire twist on a classic. It’s like the classic board game but turbocharged. It has all the Monopoly vibes but plays in a fraction of the time. This game is perfect for a duo or a small team and easily a must-have for any social get-together.
Here are a few tips to ace the game: Give the cards a good shuffle for a fair deal on the rent. And watch out for the “Deal Breaker’ and “Just Say No” cards - they’re total game-changers. If few players exist, you might want to tweak the number of property sets for a longer, more strategic game.

6. Six-Second Scribbles​

Imagine a game of lightning-fast drawing and rapid-fire guesses. Six-Second Scribbles gets everyone in on the action, racing against the clock to sketch ten items in just a minute. It comes with a fun twist; others must determine what’s been drawn to score points. It’s another favourite that will have you scribbling away, racking your brain to decode these speedy sketches. Even if you can't draw to save your life, playing this game can be an absolute riot. Your stomach could hurt from all the laughter. Six-Second Scribbles is incredibly compact and ideal for travelling or playing in a campervan.

7. Articulate​

Articulate has been among the fan favourites for ages. It’s a cracking game, full of quick-fire action that challenges you to describe words without actually saying them. If you’re into word games and quick thinking, this one’s an absolute winner. While there’s a travel version available, it’s limited on cards. But it's worth splashing out on the full-sized game for the complete experience. If you’re on a road trip, grab the smaller card box from the larger set and introduce a point system instead of using the game board. Also, if the time feels rushed, swap it out for a separate one to keep the game flowing smoothly.

8. Hive Pocket​

Hive Pocket is a bit like Chess but with its own unique vibe. In this two-player game, your mission is to encircle your opponent’s queen bee with a team of insects, each with special moves. But what’s sweet about it? Well, it’s super portable, making it an ace travel companion. And the strategic gameplay will keep you hooked for hours. For newbies, keep the instruction manual close for the first few rounds to understand those insect moves. You can spice things up by trying different opening strategies to keep the game exciting. And remember, find yourself a nice, flat surface to play on. Whether it’s a table or even a beach towel will do the trick.

9. Bananagrams​

Bananagrams is a total delight packaged in a funky, banana-shaped case. It’s easy to learn, just like Scrabble, but without the board and scoring hassle, making it a snappy game to dive right into. And whether you’re an enthusiastic 9 or a savvy 91, this game keeps everyone in the mix from start to finish. It’s a big hit with both the little ones and the grown-ups. If you’re a word wizard or love a bit of friendly competition, this one’s right up your alley. It’s compact and easy to get the hang of, so you’ll be spelling up a storm in no time. Plus, no need to worry about scoring; just straight into the action.

Here’s a little tip: with everyone focused on their tiles, there’s a lot of serious concentration going on. But if you’re after some lively chatter, this might not be the top pick - it’s a bit heads-down, all eyes on the tiles until someone shouts ‘Bananagrams!’ and wins the game.

10. Scrabble Travel Edition​

Scrabble Travel Edition is up there among the gems. The more you play, the sharper your strategy becomes. Plus, its compact case is a game-changer on the go, keeping those tiles in place. It’s the perfect way to keep your brain ticking while chilling after a day of adventures. Imagine you and your travel companion competing in this classic race from base to your destination around the board. However, remember to keep an eye on all those tiles when you’re packing up to avoid any disappearing acts. If you like to keep score, consider using a small notebook or your phone. And if you’re up for an upgrade, why not check out the deluxe travel version? It’s worth a peek.

Ultimately, these travel games aren't just a fun way to pass the time but your trusty sidekicks on those seemingly endless journeys. From keeping the little ones engaged to sparking conversations among grown-ups, these games slip into your travel bag and effortlessly sprinkle some excitement into your adventures, keeping boredom at bay and helping you make exciting memories.
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Certainly! Here are some entertaining travel games that are suitable for everyone:

  1. I Spy:
    • A classic game where one person selects an object within sight and says, "I spy with my little eye, something that is [color/starting with a letter/etc.]." Others take turns guessing the chosen item.
  2. 20 Questions:
    • One person thinks of an object, and the others have 20 chances to ask yes-or-no questions to figure out what it is. The goal is to guess the object within the allotted questions.
  3. License Plate Game:
    • Keep an eye out for license plates from different states or countries. The goal is to spot as many unique plates as possible during the journey.
  4. Travel Bingo:
    • Create bingo cards with various items or landmarks you might encounter during your trip. Players mark off the items as they see them, and the first to get a line or full card shouts "Bingo!"
  5. Story Cubes:
    • Story Cubes are dice with images on each side. Roll the dice, and each player takes turns incorporating the images into a collaborative story. It's a creative and imaginative game.

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