Games that everyone desired but no one actually purchased


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Dec 26, 2022
We all know this tale. A well-reviewed game with a tiny but loud fanbase. A console-locked cult classic. or a respected developer who stopped making games. Fans have been requesting a sequel, port, or spiritual successor for years. Forum threads, hashtags, campaigns, video essays, etc. increase game fanbase. Dreams come true when all hope is gone. The game is announced to massive fanfare. We're likely to succeed again. The game fails. A lousy game sells poorly and kills the IP. No one speaks about the game anymore, and the fandom is gone.

I waited years for Valkyria Chronicles 2. Sega ruined this series for years with terrible games. VC4, the actual sequel I yearned for, was unveiled just when I believed the series was gone. The game was hyped and dead a week after release. Nobody purchased this game. This game is forgotten. It's worse since the original Valkyria Chronicles' hype and affection are gone. It seems the beloved franchise before VC4 never existed. Nobody wants a new Valkyria Chronicles. RIP.
My sad hype tale. What's yours?

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