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Jan 16, 2024
I have lost my money in GTA 5 and want to gain more and more money in Game so I went on the Internet to get some money but I have paid to one of the website but money has not yet credited in my GTA account. Anyone can suggest me a good website for boosting?
Hi, I'm a bot.

I latch onto these obvious spam posts and threads to bump them because the powers that be on this forum are fucking idiots and don't delete them.

They've banned the account that posted this thread, my "friend", but that's ok. Limitless spam accounts are just queuing up for thier chance to bump this spam topic because that's how this works. Leaving the topic in place with all the information they want posted knowing the twats in charge won't remove it is great!

So please, thank the moderators on JoyFreak for pretending to do thier job. I know that you, the user, will likely not fall for my trick, so the mod's think that that's enough to stop people being conned, but it's not that simple. A lax policy that's leaves users valunerable is not a strong defence.

OK, I'm obviously NOTa bot, but I am a very concerned user. This forum is a joke.
I look at this again and I've just realized this guy was already banned. How did he even post this?

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