[Top 15] Runescape Best F2P Gear (And How To Get Them)


Jan 12, 2023

Today we will be exploring the top F2P gear to maximize your experience as a free player!

Some of us may not have the means to buy Runescape membership and want to still experience the game. Some of us may be ambivalent towards taking the dive and paying for membership. No worries, we got you here in this article with the top 15 F2P gear so you can have a good time and pick what works best for you.

15. Explorer’s Ring 4​


A feat in completing all the achievements and highly useful ring.

This ring is highly sought out by players due to its unlimited teleports to the Falador farm. It is a highly convenient teleport to the herb patch, so make sure you get one of these in your setup! This ring is also awesome due to its bonuses in all combat styles.

What makes this item so great?
  • Able to cast 27 runeless casts of Superheat item per day; requiring 43 Magic
  • Able to also cast 15 runeless casts of High level alchemy per day; requiring 55 Magic
  • Can use up to 3 times a day for run replenishment
Item Stats
  • Prayer: 1
  • Strength: 10.7
  • Ranged: 10.7
  • Magic: 10.7
How to Obtain
This ring is an award from completing all Lumbridge achievements. It is no easy feat as it requires certain skills for certain achievements but it is well worth doing all of them.

14. Nature Staff​


Nature runes can be costly and the use of this staff can save tons of money.

Despite its appearance looking like a stick with an orb and some leaves, this staff is perfect to save on the cost of nature runes. Even though it is not like the other staffs that activate spells as if a player is carrying the respective runes, such as a fire staff, it does have a 1/10 chance of saving a nature rune each time it is cast. This can be useful for High Alchemy.

What makes this item so great?
  • This staff can hold up to 1,000 nature runes, they can be removed at any time
  • It does not degrade
  • Second best staff in F2P that is a cheaper alternative for accuracy and damage
Item Stats
  • Style: Spell-Casting
  • Damage: Ability 763.2
  • Accuracy: 928
  • Range: 8
  • Speed: Average (3.6s)
How to Obtain
Requiring 53 Magic to wield, one must go through the dungeons in Dungeoneering to collect 12,500 tokens and buy it from the rewards trader.

13. Power Amulet​


Not sure which combat style to choose? The power amulet is the choice.

If you’re looking for a necklace that has stats for days, this is the one. It is a hybrid style amulet that provides style bonuses for all combat styles. It is one of the cheaper and easiest necklaces to acquire if you’re not too worried about a specific style.

What makes this item so great?
  • Cost efficient amulet in comparison to other necklaces
  • It has an additional prayer bonus
  • No requirements to wear
Item Stats
  • Prayer: 1
  • Strength: 15.8
  • Ranged: 15.8
  • Magic 15.8
How to Obtain
This item can be created with the 57 Magic skill Enchant Level 4 jewelry on a diamond amulet. If one does not have the stat to create this, they can get it as a drop or simply buy it off the grand exchange (GE).

12. Silverlight​


Even though the stats are low, this weapon is highly deadly against demons.

Be sure to keep this weapon after completing the quest even though it seems very tempting to toss! This sword is highly useful against demons and has a sweet look while defeating these monsters. Due to its efficiency against demons, it can surpass the strengths of rune weaponry.

What makes this item so great?
  • Very easy to obtain as quest has no requirements
  • When used on demons its accuracy is largely increased
  • Ability damage is also increased allowing for strong hits
Weapon Stats
  • Style: Slash
  • Damage: Auto-73.5; Ability-57.6
  • Accuracy: 160
  • Range: 1
  • Speed: Fast (3.0s)
How to Obtain
This sword is easily accessible by completing the quest Demon Slayer.

11. Rune Defender​


A replacement for an off-hand sword or a shield, this is the one two combo weapon.

Make sure you don’t get stabbed by this off-hand weapon! This defender allows the use of both dual-wielding and shield abilities which makes it a highly sought after weapon if you’re not a big fan of shields. Keep in mind you’ll need 50 Attack and Defence to wield this.

What makes this weapon so great?
  • Not only does it allow for dual-wielding and shield abilities but it also provides a 3% accuracy boost
  • 1/15 chance to deflect damage by 50-95%
  • Hit chance can also be boosted to 20% for the next attack
Item Stats
  • Style: Stab
  • Damage: Auto-120; Ability- 120
  • Accuracy: 850
  • Range: 1
  • Speed: Fastest (2.4s)
How to Obtain
In order to snag this awesome weapon, players need a combined level of Attack and Strength to 130 or level 99 in either of these skills to access the Warrior’s Guild. In the guild there are various activities that provide points to access the top floor to defeat cyclops and obtain the various levels of defenders to build up to rune.

10. Rune Platebody +3​


Popular armor amongst F2P for the longest time and still continues to be.

Rune platebody is the face of Runescape, it was highly sought after to wear after defeating Elvarg from Dragon Slayer as an achievement. Now this item is no longer bound by the requirement of the quest and has an improved version. This platebody is highly useful if you're looking for a melee setup. This armor requires 50 Defence to wear.

What makes this item so great?
  • This item is best if you plan to tank hits
  • Most players in F2P prefer to wear this armor, but if you’re a skiller this is optimal smithing experience for burial armor
  • Best against Ranged users to get the most out of your defence
Item Stats
  • Type: Tank armor
  • Armor: 213.4
How to Obtain
If one has 50 Mining and Smithing, they can gather the materials to create the Rune Platebody and upgrade it 3 times to create its superior version. If one does not, they can always buy it off the GE.

9. Blue Dragonhide Body​


This body doesn't cost much but can protect you very well against Magic attacks.

This top is known to be the best ranged body armor for F2P. Requiring 50 Defence to wear, this armor’s examination states “Made from 100% real dragonhide,” so we know it's straight from the source! This body is not only exclusive to wearing as ranged gear but can be combined with other armor setups to help minimize magic attacks to the user.

What makes this item so great?
  • It is able to withstand magic attacks effectively
  • Versatile and does not need to be only worn with ranged gear, a lot of players use this in pvp
  • This armor upgrade is very cheap
Item Stats
  • Type: Tank Armor
  • Armor: 195.5
How to Obtain
If one decides to go the ironman way, they can kill a blue dragon, tan 3 blue dragonhide into blue dragon leather and with 71 Crafting can create this. This can also be bought off the GE.

8. Mystic Robe Top​


If you've got pvp enabled and aren't looking to lose too much money when you die and are using Magic, this is the armor for you.

Mystic robes come in 3 different colors, dark, light, and blue if you’re looking for some armor fashionscape. This robe top requires 50 Defence to wear and is known to be the best pvp robe top as when losing this it won’t be too much of a loss. It is also highly effective magic armor.

What makes this item so great?
  • It is the best magic armor available in F2P
  • It is great armor that is not too expensive to come by
  • It does not degrade
Item Stats
  • Type: Tank armor
  • Armor: 195.5
How to Obtain
Despite coming in multiple colors, the blue version is craftable with 55 Crafting and using 3 Mystic cloth. If looking for other colors, it can be bought off the GE.

7. Brawler’s Hook Necklace​


Enjoy high hits with swords? This amulet is the best choice.

If you’re tight on money and looking to train dungeoneering along with melee, this is the perfect necklace for you. This amulet is specifically for melee setup and due to this the strength bonus is much higher in comparison to the hybrid necklace. It does require 50 Dungeoneering and 50 Attack before you are able to purchase.

What makes this item so great?
  • Does not require making money and can be bought with dungeoneering tokens
  • It is the best in slot amulet in F2P for melee
  • Does not degrade
Item Stats
  • Strength: 24.3
How to Obtain
This item can be bought from the rewards trader for 15,500 dungeoneering tokens.

6. Farsight Snap Shot Necklace​


More of a long distance hitter? Ranged amulet may be for you.

This amulet is similar in essence to the Brawler necklace except that this is specific to Ranged. This item also requires 50 Dungeoneering but instead 50 Ranged to buy. This item is useful if your setup is towards ranged.

What makes this item so great?
  • Does not require making money and can be bought with dungeoneering tokens
  • It is the best in slot amulet in F2P for ranged
  • Does not degrade
Item Stats
  • Ranged: 24.3
How to Obtain
Just like the brawler’s necklace, this can be bought with 15,500 dungeoneering tokens.

5. Arcane Blast Necklace​


Magic is your niche in comparison to the other two? This Magic necklace could be the one.

Finally out of the 3 combat styles comes the magic necklace requiring 50 Magic and 50 Dungeoneering to purchase. If you’re a magic user, this is the necklace for you if you want to get the most damage out of your spell casts.

What makes this item so great?
  • Does not require making money and can be bought with dungeoneering tokens
  • It is the best in slot amulet in F2P for magic
  • Does not degrade
Item Stats
  • Magic: 24.3
How to Obtain
Once again, just like the other two, it can be bought from the rewards shop with 15,500 dungeoneering tokens.

4. Twisted Bird Skull Necklace​


This necklace does not seem like much but can be useful for prayer.

I know we all must be tired of necklaces but we cannot forget about the twisted bird skull necklace! Only requiring 30 Prayer and 30 Dungeoneering to purchase and equip, this necklace is awesome for restoring prayer.

What makes this item so great?
  • Depending on certain bones and ashes, this can heal up to 50 prayer points
  • Can replace prayer potions, but is usually used together just in case
  • Does not degrade
Item Stats
  • Prayer: 3
How to Obtain
One only needs to get 8,500 dungeoneering tokens to buy this necklace.

3. Gravite Equipment​


Even though it takes a bit of a grind to get this gear, it is well worth it.

I’m sure you must have seen the pattern by now in F2P that a lot of the best equipment can be obtained from Dungeoneering and this also includes the Gravite equipment. Depending on what style you are looking for and feel like grinding out dungeoneering, these are the strongest and accurate weapons. Depending on the style you choose, each of them require 55 of that skill to wield.

What makes this equipment so great?
  • Even through these weapons degrade, they can be used up to 5 hours
  • Best weapons for F2P players depending on style
  • Repairs are not too expensive and are manageable
Item Stats
  • Depending on which is chosen, all weapons have accuracy of 983
How to Obtain
The main hand version of gravite weapons cost 40,000 dungeoneering tokens while off-hands cost 20,000 tokens.

2. Gud Raider Chainbody​


Something actually potentially better than rune armor? Looks like it! This armor has bonuses.

Part of the raider equipment and needing 55 Defence to wear, this body is on par with rune platebody. Even though it does not compare to the upgraded version of the rune platebody, it does have melee bonuses.

What makes this item so great?
  • Known as the best melee chest armor in F2P that has strength bonus
  • It does not degrade
  • Perfect for melee users who want to get the most out of their hits
Item Stats
  • Type: Power armor
  • Armor: 195.5
  • Strength Bonus: 20.3
How to Obtain
If you’re ambitious you can attend the Goblin raids and get this as a rare drop from killing Hollowtoof. Since it is a rare drop, it is a bit expensive to buy and can be bought off the GE.

1. Dragonstone Hauberk​


Do not let this armor set deceive you, it is available for F2P!

The moment everyone has been waiting for, the dragonstone hauberk! If you’re not worried about a specific combat style and are looking to save on space, this is the item for you. Requiring only 50 Defence to wear, this hybrid armor is the way to go if you don’t want to spend too much time at Pest Control obtaining an Elite Void Knight top.

What makes this item so great?
  • It is the best hybrid armor in F2P
  • If one is indecisive and cannot choose amongst combat styles, this is the armor for you
  • Does not degrade
Item Stats
  • Armor: 123.2
How to Obtain
This item may seem like a P2P armor given that it can only be found inside crystal chests or triskelion treasures, but it can be bought off the GE and be worn by F2P players.

[Top 15] Runescape Best F2P Gear (And How To Get Them)

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