[Top 10] Runescape Best Food For All Activities (And How To Get Them)


Jan 12, 2023
There’s a large array of food in the Gielinor world, where do you even begin? Here today we will be going through the top 10 best foods, their stats, boosts, and how to obtain ‘em or cook ‘em! Who would have thought food could give you buffs?

10. Baron Shark​


This shark is eerily similar to a regular shark, but has additional effects.

Don’t worry, this shark won’t bite you! Instead it will heal you up to 2,000 life points, very similar to a regular shark but with extra additions! Not only can it heal 2,000 life points but it can continue to heal 50 life points every 1.2 seconds for 12 seconds! This food can be used primarily for doing Slayer as it is a cheap way to have life points and not many is needed depending on the task.

Food Stats
  • 80 Constitution needed to be fully healed 2,000 life points
  • Heals 50 life points for 12 seconds, for a total of an additional 500 life points
What makes this food so great?
  • If you’re on a budget for food, you can get these for free via prawn balls
  • When paired with a Shark’s tooth necklace, the healing effect instead lasts for 6 seconds longer therefore an additional +750 life points
  • Perfect for slayer tasks to bring if you weren’t expecting to get hit as often and the healing effect helps
How to Get
These are found either by cooking Raw baron shark with 80 Cooking that are caught from shark fishing spots after drinking a regular or perfect juju fishing potion. Or these can also be randomly obtained while fishing from Prawn crackers with a 10% chance, already cooked!

9. Wilder Pie​


Despite looking like a delicious blackberry pie, this pie has temporary boosts.

Food that can provide buffs for skills, what!? This pie is an enhanced version of the Wild pie which temporarily boosts Slayer AND Ranged. This can be helpful if you are looking to skip leveling up to the required Slayer level to kill monsters that have profitable drops.

Food Stats
  • Heals 1,100 life points per bite, consume another bite for a total of 2,200 health points
  • Boosts Slayer +6 and Ranged +5 for 6 minutes
What makes this food so great?
  • Not only can it boost Slayer but the buff will stay for the full 6 minutes
  • An ideal food for specific higher slayer monsters like Soul Devourers, The Magister, dinosaurs, Abyssal lord, and more
  • Very easy to make and can be profitable to make it from the raw ingredients
How to Get
The ingredients to make this pie are raw bear meat, raw chompy, raw rabbit, pie dish, and pastry dough to make a raw wild pie, then adding a crushed dragonstone to this pie and cooking it with 90 Cooking. Keep in mind you may burn this pie if you don’t have a cooking cape on! Otherwise if you don’t want to risk it, you can buy it off the grand exchange (GE).

8. Pork Pie​


One may not be too keen on taking a bite out of this pie with a pig tail sticking out. Though you may second guess it with the Farming boosts it offers.

In the picture, it looks like a pig was cooked in this pie, but no need to worry, it's just the aesthetic; this pie is made with bacon. How simple! Players seek this pie as it is the best Farming boost in game.

Food Stats
  • Consumed in 1 bite, it can heal up to 1,350 life points depending on Constitution level
  • Boosts both Farming +5 levels and Summoning +5 points
What makes this food so great?
  • Useful to boost Farming to have level requirements in a quest
  • Helpful for boosting Farming level to be able to plant higher level plants
  • Can be used to boost from 109 farming to 114 farming to plant all 5 spirit trees, very useful for traveling in Runescape
How to Get
This pie can be created by using 3 pieces of cooked bacon with a pie shell to create an uncooked pork pie to be baked at 74 Cooking. If you don’t want to take the chance of burning it, you can do it at 94 Cooking. This delicious pork pie can be bought at the GE as well.

7. Tuna Potato​


This simple dish is more than it seems.

Even though this simply looks like a piece of cooked tuna plopped onto a potato, don’t let it deceive you. This low budget food is very helpful to have for healing during Slayer tasks and also some God Wars I bosses.

Food Stats
  • In 1 whole bite with 85 Constitution, heals up to 2,125 life points
What makes this food so great?
  • Not only is this food helpful for low budget Slayer tasks, but some monsters already have this in their drop table enabling you to stay longer without banking for more food
  • Much cheaper alternative in comparison to other foods if you are on a budget
  • You can also make money by making this
How to Get
This potato can be made by combining a potato with butter and tuna and corn together with 68 Cooking. The alternative to cooking this is by receiving it by killing monsters or buying off the GE.

6. Holy Biscuits​


It may look like a stack of biscuits but there is more to it than meets the eye.

Holy biscuits, this food is stackable! These little bread bites not only heal life points but can restore 10 Prayer points per biscuit. The holiest of breads. This food can be very useful if you’re looking to save on backpack space and are anticipating the need to heal.

Food Stats
  • Each biscuit can heal 250 life points and restore 10 Prayer points
What makes this food so great?
  • As stated above, being a stackable item you can hold up 200 of these which can heal 50,000 life points and 2,000 Prayer points in one slot
  • Save on backpack space, helpful for bosses you need to stay in for a while like Jad
  • Money saver as they’re untradeable
How to Get
These are only obtained via doing Treasure Trails of any difficulty, the higher the difficulty, the higher amount of holy biscuits. This cannot be bought off the GE.

5. Blue Blubbers​


A very popular fish to consume when bossing and pvming.

This shocking fish is highly useful for bossing and many players seek to have this in their setup. What makes it perfect for bossing is that it takes 3 bites to consume, each healing for 750 life points. This can save on backpack space and allow more space for other useful items when bossing.

Food Stats
  • 750 Life Points per bite, totalling to 2,250 life points per blue jelly with 30 Constitution
What makes this food so great?
  • It does not reduce adrenaline in comparison to other foods and can be useful for threshold and ultimate abilities for bosses
  • The healing can be boosted by expensive spices and necklace of gluttony
  • If you have a partially eaten jelly, you are able to decant them similar to potions to get an entire jelly again
  • How to Get
One can either fish these at the Deep Sea Fishing Hub with 91 Fishing and cook at 95 Cooking. Keep in mind these can be burned so some prefer not going through the effort and simply buy these off of the GE.

4. Croesus Soups- Hunter, Woodcutting, Fishing, Mining​


These soups may not look like much but offer a lot of damage to the skilling boss, Croesus.

These soups can be super helpful for the skilling boss, Croesus. Each of these respective soups allow for an attuned status which allows an increase in the skill desired for this boss (Hunter, Woodcutting, Fishing, and Mining). Keep in mind though, it can reduce efficiency in another skill so these are primarily useful specifically for this boss. This boss has great money per hour and rare drops for either profit or for best Magic tank armor in game.

Food Stats
  • Increases efficiency specific to the soup, can reduce in another respective skill. For example: Fungal Algea Soup: Increased fishing efficiency and reduced Woodcutting efficiency
  • Increase damage dealt to the respective node by 50%
What makes this food so great?
  • Due to the higher damage output, players tend to use soups for the final part of the boss to lower kill time, therefore allowing for more kills per instance
  • Even though these soups if bought are expensive, the boss still has profitable drops that outweigh how spendy these are
  • The damage buff can stack with other temporary boosts
How to Get
These soups each have a skill associated with it that can be gathered at the Croesus Front by gathering material of dead Lumbridge and Varrock Guards. It takes 26 enriched versions of the material with a bowl of water and to be cooked at 80 Cooking. It does take quite some time to gather the materials and some will pay a lot to conveniently buy from the GE.

3. Sailfish Soup​


This soup may not seem like much but turns out is the highest level soups in game.

One of the highest level soups in the game to heal you, this fishy soup can also heal up to 15% above maximum life points. This soup is highly useful for bossing due to how many life points it is able to heal.

Food Stats
  • With Constitution level 99, the maximum this soup can heal is 2,600
  • It can heal an extra 15% above maximum life points
What makes this food so great?
  • When paired with Blessing of Het relic and expensive spices, each soup can heal 2,915 in one bite
  • This is a great money maker if you have all the requirements unlocked to create this soup
  • The soup is unable to be burned while cooking and is able to be used with cooking urn to maximize Cooking experience
How to Get
Sailfish soup has many requirements before one is able to make this. One must unlock Eastern Soups Scroll from Player-owned ports and it also requires 99 Cooking to make. It is cooked with Sailfish and 1 Spice that is obtained from ports. If you do not have the requirements, you will pay a hefty price to buy this off the GE since it is limited due to the amount of requirements needed.

2. Fury Shark​


Don't worry, this furious shark is not looking to bite you, instead will provide a nice amount of health points.

Despite its appearance looking burnt, this shark is a very useful item to have as it can heal up to 2,800 life points. This fish is a popular food to have as it can allow a player to protect an additional item upon death.

Food Stats
  • Heal 2,475 life points while in combat
  • Heal 2,800 life points out of combat
What makes this food so great?
  • When consumed, it has a 1 minute passive effect to protect an item and can be used alongside Protect Item prayer and powder of item protection
  • Great food to have when out in the wilderness in PVP mode and want to be able to protect an additional item
  • Great high healing food for higher leveled bosses
How to Get
This can always be a drop from killing WildyWyrms in the wilderness and a chance from Lava strykewyrms. This is not a tradeable food and cannot be bought from the GE.

1. Super Saradomin Brew Flask​


A very popular potion, so popular that its use is essentially similar to food.

You might be thinking, this is not a food, this is a potion! Well, with the way that this potion works, it acts as a food with additional bonuses. This is a popular item for bossing as this one has up to 6 doses that can heal 1,300 life points. If you’re tight on a budget you can always buy the version that is not enhanced and can heal 1,000 life points per dose.

Food Stats
  • Each sip is 1,300 life points, making the flask heal a total of 7,800 life points
What makes this food so great?
  • At this point in time it is considered the best non-stackable food that can heal the most
  • Even though it decreases Attack, Strength, Magic and Ranged levels by 4% 1, this can be counteracted with an overload
  • It is also able to overheal up to 1,300 life points above normal maximum life points
How to Get
This potion can be made by putting toadflax into a vial of water combined with a crushed nest at 81 Herblore. Then it can be upgraded to a Super Saradomin brew with 93 Herblore by adding Wine of Saradomin. If a player wants to have the 6 dose flask they can use it on a potion flask. This potion can be bought off of the GE for a very expensive price.

[Top 10] Runescape Best Food For All Activities (And How To Get Them)

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