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Favorite Retro Game on the List?

  • Warcraft III

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  • Starcraft: Brood War

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  • X-Com: UFO Defense

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  • Heroes of Might and Magic III

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  • Age of Empires II

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  • Master of Orion 2

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  • Civilization III

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  • Red Alert 1

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  • Age of Mythology

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  • Shogun 1

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Dec 22, 2022
If you have another strategy retro game that's your favorite, or favorites, in the genre that's not on the poll, feel free to comment them below.

I've created a few articles on the website Gamers Decide and invite anyone interested to check them out. The poll is of the games in the first article, and I want to see if people hold the games on my list in high regards.

The other articles are all around MGSV, one of my favorite games in general.

Best Retro Strategy Games

MGSV - Best Mods
MSGV - Sniper Rifles Ranked
MGSV - Best Weapons
MGSV - Best Loadouts
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