Is Apex Legends dying?


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Mar 16, 2023
I've been an Apex Legends player for a long time. I don't play it much often but I still enjoy it. I was curious about what the gaming community has to say about this. Is the game dying?
I feel like the only issues with Apex nowadays aside from Audio are the gun skins. Iron sights play a huge role in early game gun fights, leading newer players to have a disadvantage without skins. Yeah there are some fantastic skins in the game, but most people just look for the best sights. Hopefully this helps if people are looking for the best skins! I feel like the R-99 is the most controversial outt of the lot tho. Its sights are crazy!
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I think yes apex legend is now dead game for many players because pubg is giving tough time to apex legends thats why apex legend is dying slowly slowly
It's difficult to say definitively whether Apex Legends is dying or not. The game has certainly experienced a decline in player numbers since its initial release in 2019, but it still has a dedicated fan base and regular updates from the developers.

Factors that may contribute to the perception that Apex Legends is dying include competition from other battle royale games, such as Fortnite and PUBG, as well as the emergence of new games in the genre. In addition, some players may have grown tired of the game's mechanics or the lack of significant updates.
If anything it's at it's most popular this year since it launched on Steam back in November 2020:

Well I wouldn't say it's dying but there are a lot of cheaters lately and Smurf accounts. I feel like I'm always in a lobby with cheaters and the third partying has gotten worse. Also there really isn't any new content in Apex neither. Also EA and Respawn not listening to the community is making a lot of people not want to play anymore.

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