Tips for Starting a Successful YouTube Gaming Channel in College


The gaming sector has undergone an extraordinary transformation in the last few years thanks to content streaming and esports. These two have made many individuals, including teenagers, create a name for themselves and make loads of money. As a result, streaming is now viewed as a valid career for anyone with an aptitude and passion for games.

Since anyone can create a gaming channel, competition for viewers is high, especially at the start. As a collegian looking to create a gamer’s channel, you need an elaborate plan to succeed. We’ve compiled some useful tips to help start-up gaming streamers create and grow their YouTube channel while fulfilling their academic responsibilities.

What Is a Gaming Channel?​

A gaming channel is a platform where a user uploads or streams content related to video games. The content might be gameplay, commentary or reactions, previewing and reviews of games, content from esports competitions, guides and tutorials for gaming, and more. Gaming content creators can focus on one or more of the above, depending on their target audience.

Why Create a Channel for Gaming?​

We do everything for a reason. For instance, students who use paper writing service UK RoyalWriter do it because they want to meet assignment deadlines, turn in quality papers, and get time to attend to other pressing needs, among other reasons. Before starting a gaming channel in college, a student needs to answer the question: why? What are the pros of creating one?

  • Sharing your gaming passion.
  • Entertaining viewers and providing a fun experience.
  • Earning some extra income when your channel gets monetized.
  • Amassing flowers in the industry and making a name for yourself.
  • Helping others by providing useful information.
Many gamers creating channels currently are after the popularity and extra income, which is okay. However, starting a channel dedicated to gaming should be driven by your enjoyment of games and the desire to share what you like doing.

Most prosperous channels started as a hobby by people who genuinely loved gaming and thus wanted to share their passion with others. The fame and popularity followed after they connected with their audience.

Tips for Creating a Successful YouTube Gaming Channel in College​

Are you a collegian with a passion for gaming? Here’re tips for creating and growing a YouTube gaming channel to achieve your objectives.

Plan Your Time and Balance Your Responsibilities​

While in college, your priority should always be your academics, even after creating your YouTube channel. Some people make the mistake of abandoning their education to focus on gaming, which is a major gamble. Even if your gaming career takes off, your college degree will be crucial in your future in case anything goes wrong. So, create a good college schedule that allocates enough time for all your academic responsibilities and your channel.

Choose Your Niche​

The world of gaming is huge, and there are many options to choose from. Find a genre you are good at and enjoy playing. It could be strategy games, RPGs, indie games, or high-adrenaline shooter games. Alternatively, you can dabble in different genres to cast a wider net for your viewers; ensure you enjoy the genres and have the expertise to play the games.

Research Your Audience​

Take your time to research and understand your audience. It will help you create a successful gaming channel. Ask yourself, who is my target audience? Consider factors like age, gender, location, gaming preferences, and more. After identifying your target audience, research the kind of content they like. You can benchmark successful channels in your niche to see what content does well among the audience.

You should also know when your audience watches videos. Are they early risers? Do they like late streams? Knowing their viewing habits will help you create a good upload schedule.

Create Your Brand​

You need a good brand for your channel, a great name that is easy to remember and means something to your target niche. You also need a high-quality profile picture or logo that users can easily identify. While you can change other aspects of your brand, such as logo, pictures, and banners, changing your channel’s name can be difficult, especially after gaining a large audience. So, choose wisely.

Purchase the Necessary Equipment​

The most notable investment you will have to put up for a YouTube gaming channel is the equipment. To start a promising gaming channel, you should aim to have the following.

  • A good quality video camera for recording yourself while playing.
  • A good microphone or headset for high-quality audio recordings.
  • Gaming chair to keep you comfortable for long hours of play.
  • Screen recording software.
  • Editing software for your videos.
  • Proper lighting.
Note that you will also need a console or a powerful PC to play on and the funds to pay for the games you need to play. So, create a budget for all these items, start saving, and purchase them gradually, starting with the most important ones.

Have a Content Calendar​


Every successful gaming channel normally has a schedule for uploading or streaming videos. They set a schedule and post it so the fans know what time they will stream each week. Besides, successful streamers are always consistent. Thus, once you’ve created your channel, decide the days you play or upload videos and the games you will play. Staying consistent is crucial but can be difficult in college. It’s the reason why some busy collegians buy essays online to focus on other crucial matters that need consistency, such as family and work obligations.

Join a Gaming Community​

As a gaming content creator, you should aim to start networking with other channels within your reach. Collaborate with others and even play games with other creators to magnify your reach and introduce yourself to more viewers. Collaborations also make videos more interesting for viewers, leading to more views on YouTube.

Final Act​

Starting a gaming YouTube channel is a nice way to engage in your hobby and, with success, make an additional source of income. However, growing a channel is not easy. It takes time, commitment, and consistency. Many of the current successful gaming content creators created their accounts more than five years ago and had to experience gradual growth. So, take your chance using the above tips, and most importantly, don’t forget about your education.

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