Elden Ring


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Feb 10, 2023
It’s on sale at Steam for $40. I leaped. I’m impressed so far with the graphics but having some issues. Anyone playing this?
  • The Controls primarily designed for console require some getting used to.
  • Where are the quests listed in game? I can’t find them… ?
  • I don’t like the auto-save arrangement and no pausing, unless you are in a rest (Grace) zone.

I’m in the starter level, I clear a ruin, the dogs have killed me several times, but I finally clear them out, there is a small dungeon underground down a ramp, I kill the large rats, find a room, open the chest and Holy Smokes I’m snared in a teleport spell and whisked into a nightmare landscape, Selina Crystal Tunnel full of monsters. After several attempts dieing, I make it out of the tunnel into a Selina Sorcery Town on the other side of the map, which is just as dangerous. Finally make it out of there by sneaking around, across roof tops to avoid the invisible mobs, and finally figure out how to fast travel back to the starter zone. So this is how this game roles. ?
I did not played the game, because my agility in real life is neraly zero, but I read bot the lore and loved it.
I really dislike the mechanism of no quest log, no journal. At a minimum I’d like to be able to review what was previously said by an important NPC. And I’m not crazy about being expected to search the entire map for side quests. However, there is the internet and a multitude of online quest guides. :D
I used to think Dark Souls was the best Soul's game every released until they gave us Elden Ring. With how the game topped gamers wishlist, I had to pre order the game and I was very happy with that decision when the game came out. It's among the game's I'm playing currently.
Elden Ring is the most difficult I have played so far. Bloodborne and Seriko : Shadow Die Twice were tough as well as Ghost of Tsushima but Elden Ring was very punishing. My play of Bloodborne was what helped me keep up with the game because it was a hard nut to crack.
The thing is I am used to having my hand held. In The Outer Worlds, I’m doing quests on a space station where I landed in one of it’s bays, and as soon as I walked out my ship, there was a map marker. If instead I was expected to run about this ship looking for the person I needed to talk to, I would not have been happy, but I’ll note that if I had the option to ask around about the person I was looking for then I think that would be ok. The Guard says “ go to the Engineering Section, and then I could find a ship directory showing the engineering section, and once there ask about the person I needed to talk to, this would be ok. :)

Elden Ring just has a large map and it expects you to wander the map. When I restart this game after I finish my current 2 games (The Outer Worlds and Far Cry New Dawn) I’ll give it another try and see how it goes. As I said it, the first attempt, there was an expectation problem. AND I still want a journal that the game generates, so I can review what was said before. I’ll keep notes if I have to, but I would prefer an auto generated journal. ?

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