Opinion What game should I try next? (Strangers of Paradise, Final Fantasy XIV, or Elden Ring)

Ilai Kg

New member
May 30, 2023
I recently completed Final Fantasy XVI yesterday and am searching for my next game; let's have a look at each of them:

Strangers of Paradise: I've never played it, but I adore Nioh, Soul games, and Final Fantasy. I believe I'll like it, but I'm worried it'll be too repetitive and turn into a chore.

Elden Ring: I played this game for about 30 hours but stopped for a few weeks for various reasons, these few weeks turned into months and now I don't even remember where I was or what I was doing, I love all the souls games and I really want to finish this one but I think I should start over...or maybe play from where I left it?

Final Fantasy XIV: I started playing on PS3 then quickly moved on to PS4, loved it to hell, I spent at least 200 hours in the ARR content, but stopped playing and never went back to it, then the expansions released and though that was too much content to do, besides, I was very into the endgame and felt like i would feel bad if I resume an endgame account without any idea and how to do things anymore, If i go back to this it will be from scratch with a new account.

I now own a PS5, and I intend to play any of these games on it.

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