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Sep 16, 2023
Looking for suggestions on gaming TV's and or monitors to max out the series x performance capabilities. Currently running a 32" ultra wide alien ware I got several years ago(don't have exact model info this second, I'm at work ) . My current set up is good and fine but I want something more vivid and crisp for some of the single player titles . I've been through the lists of top gaming monitors and TV's of 2023 and haven't really been sold on any product. It's so hard to find something that checks all the boxes at a reasonable price . I'm probably leaning towards desktop size 27-32 " monitor but tvs aren't off the table either.

Also I'm finding that I love and appreciate audio quality.... which is its own rabbit hole/ money pit.

So any suggestions on some great headphones / surround speakers etc as well would be appreciated . Currently rocking arctis steel series and tb stealth ... and am left wanting.... nothing is worse then playing a game with my stealth and then watching a YouTube video on my cheap phone of the same game and my phone quality blow my headset away...

I'm not sure we can offer more advice than you can offer yourself. Any TV/monitor supporting HDMI2.1 and the latest HDR parameters will surly do.

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