Top 10 Games To Play If You Enjoy Elden Ring


Those in search of something as fascinating and exciting as Elden Ring may find it in the following games.

From Software took a little risk with Elden Ring. There were others who doubted the developers' ability to reproduce the franchise's popularity in an open-world environment, despite the fact that their Dark Souls series had amassed a considerable cult following. Thankfully, all of the mistrust and uncertainty dissipated as the expected release struck stores. Elden Ring managed to transcend many people's expectations, earning its own cult following and establishing itself as one of From Software's finest creations.

It is a long journey, and players might spend many hours exploring The Lands Between's enormous reaches. However, individuals who have completed the release may be desiring something similar to dig their teeth into. Here is a look at some of the finest games with Elden Ring vibes, whether they are open-world releases or just games that provide players with enormous difficulty and fun.

1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild​

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild did not invent the open-world genre, but it was crucial in defining it. Nintendo's epic journey presented Hyrule and all of its residents in a much enlarged manner, allowing players to experience Link's world and tribulations according to their whim. Those who appreciated the opportunity to explore The Territories Between will really enjoy traversing this enormous version of Hyrule and the neighbouring lands.

Despite the fact that the battle in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is not nearly as harsh as in Elden Ring, it may still be rather difficult.

2. The Dark Souls Games​

Those who have played Elden Ring but not the Dark Souls series should place it at the top of their to-do list. This is perhaps the most similar experience to Elden Ring in terms of gameplay and fighting, however it is not nearly as open-world as From Software's most recent release. However, the Gloomy Souls saga's environments are as dark, frightening, and enormously inventive as those of The Lands Between's. Those who like the grimy look of Elden Ring's dungeons, castles, and tunnels will feel at home.

The Dark Souls series pioneered the model present in Elden Ring, so players will already be acquainted with the concept of resting at certain locations to level up, as well as the weaponry and armour systems seen in each game.

3. Bloodborne​

A few of the adversaries and NPCs in Elden Ring have a rather hideous look. Some portions of The Lands Between are teeming with unearthly creatures or infected with a strange illness. Although it is distinctive in its own right, this is not the first time From Software has explored aesthetically revolting concepts. Those who appreciate the horror-infused elements of Elden Ring might consider Bloodborne, the developer's second Souls-like game.

Bloodborne is a considerably darker game, with a harsher world design than Dark Souls. As they traverse ruined zones replete with gothic architecture, players will face off against an assortment of strong and terrifying enemies.

4. Shadow of the Colossus​

Many of the bosses in Elden Ring are formidable, and a few of them are towering titans. After completing their Elden Ring quest, those who like the beauty and difficulty of battling these monstrously huge beasts might turn to Shadow of the Colossus. It's quite linear, with players defeating huge monsters in a certain sequence, although the environments and monsters are grittier than those in The Lands Between.

Shadow of the Colossus is more of a boss challenge than an exploratory journey, but gamers who appreciate learning the ins and outs of battle and slaying gigantic foes will enjoy this jewel.

5. Hollow Knight​

Hollow Knight demonstrates conclusively that independent games can be just as engaging, difficult, and enjoyable as AAA titles. Check out this Team Cherry masterpiece if you're seeking for a wonderful (and occasionally challenging) 2D trip across a land packed with enemies in the dark. Hollow Knight, a side-scrolling title, makes excellent use of fluid platforming elements and upgrades in a Metroidvania style, compelling players to explore their surroundings for new abilities and goods in order to advance farther into the Hallownest.

Similar to what players will encounter in Elden Ring, Hollow Knight has a gorgeous, eerie, and conflict-filled environment. Even if the fighting isn't as over-the-top due to the 2D style, it's still immensely enjoyable and rather difficult as players advance.

6. The Middle-earth Games​

Check out the Middle-earth series if you're in the mood for another perilous, epic adventure. In both Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Middle-earth: Shadow of War, players assume control of Talion, a Ranger of Gondor on a mission of vengeance. Shadow of War featured some excellent open-world systems, like the Nemesis System, which were not included in the initial version. This gameplay expansion will foster rivalries between players and foes.

Depending on the route a player chooses, the Middle-earth video games may be gloomy, nasty, and difficult.

7. Nier: Automata​

Many gamers may have missed out on the original Nier when it was released in 2010. As a result of its gameplay, story, and character design, the Cavia release attracted a cult following among certain gamers. In 2017, gamers would get a new installment in the Nier narrative, one that would propel the brand to superstardom.

Nier: Automata exposed gamers to new mysterious people and provided them with an intriguing (though drab) environment to explore. Those who appreciate fast-paced hack-and-slash action will adore Automata's exciting and fun combat, while those interested in lore will discover a tonne of replayability as they strive to uncover every potential ending.

8. Code Vein​

Over the years, the Dark Souls series has spawned a number of noteworthy games, some of which have flown under the radar. Code Vein, a Bandai Namco Studios title that added an anime-inspired twist to the popular formula, is a nice example. Code Vein is set in a weird universe similar to that of Elden Ring, although its appearance is a little more "cyberpunk" while retaining the same challenging gameplay mechanics known to Elden Ring gamers. There are several weapons to pick from, enemies to defeat, and skills to learn.

Code Vein also emphasised multiplayer, enabling players to bring AI-controlled NPCs or actual cooperative companions through each level.

9. Monster Hunter: World​

Some individuals find Elden Ring amusing due in part to its harsh boss difficulty. Players will have to battle through swarms of foes to reach vast arenas with bosses, where they must carefully study their attacks and abilities to defeat them. Monster Hunter: World is recommended for those who want true boss battles over all the filler in between. This amazing (and vast, due to DLC material) RPG is a continual struggle against monstrous adversaries, allowing players to use a range of weapons and armour to defeat them.

Some weapons have a high difficulty curve, as players must learn how to properly avoid the many assaults launched by a variety of creatures. This is one of the better "boss gauntlet" games, with some encounters requiring a considerable amount of time to accomplish.

10. Ghost Of Tsushima​

Elden Ring does a phenomenal job at making players feel like it's them against the world. The majority of their adventure is spent chopping and slashing their way through formidable foes and deadly bosses, all for the opportunity to alter and impact the surrounding areas. Ghost of Tsushima has a similar atmosphere, placing players in the role of Jin Sakai as he attempts to rid his world of a menacing spirit and restore peace to the island he considers home.

Jin Sakai walks a fine line between honour and dishonour as he struggles with his own principles to ensure the safety of his people, and the players are allowed to influence his development. The fighting and narrative features of Ghost of Tsushima are superior, as is the game's huge and interesting universe.

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