1. ServersOfficial

    Free 102 Games Servers TOP

    Hey ladies and gents! I present you 102 games Servers TOP. Made to perfection. 102 games supported. 130k servers added. Advanced search. Multiple languages! Check it out at - Any feedback is appreciated!
  2. zoldos

    Schism Cortex - Philosophy, Gaming, & Off-Topic

    Check out a new forum that is growing! Schism Cortex! Find discussions based around philosophy, PC and console gaming, and lots of off-topic! Free and no ads! Schism Cortex :D
  3. Omen HP x

    Omen HP x

    Omen HP meets
  4. JoyFreak

    Gaming Raises EUR 32 Million For Acquisitions

    Gamigo, the German company that owns Aeria Games as well as the European portal Gamigo, raised 32 million Euros in funding through a bond issue this week. It's interesting because the intended goal of the fundraising was to pursue mergers and acquisitions, which means they're looking to buy...