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  1. cozysymphony

    Kill the f*cking rat! - Harry Potter RP

    Hello guys! New video of Hogwarts RP is out today! Give the video a like if you enjoyed! :love: See you soon!
  2. How the coronavirus is boosting video gaming in China

    The devastating plague hit China and forced millions to stay indoors and keep the human interaction to the minimum and people are spending most of the time staying indoor and playing their favourite game. At this time of the year, Chinese people are celebrating their New year and enjoying to the...
  3. SimbaOfNexus

    SirSimba's Recruitment

    I need Dungeons and Dragons players for a story I have on roll20.net 3/100 I need anyone willing to join Smule application on smartphone (android and iPhone supported) for karaoke hosted by me. all you need to do is load the application to your phone. Find SirSimba and follow me and...
  4. The best VR headsets for gaming in 2020

    Since their release just a few years ago, VR headsets have transformed a lot in terms of features, convenience, and compatibility. Most modern VR headsets are re-shaping the gaming, video and multimedia experience for the users. VR Headset totally transforms the gaming as you see it and let you...
  5. Carbon

    Share your gaming survey's here

    This thread is the place to share your gaming surveys for educational purposes or other. Do not make a separate thread for that otherwise it will just be merged into this thread.
  6. Top 5 popular arcade games in 2020

    We’ve entered a new decade and gaming has really evolved over the last few years and so does the arcade games. We saw a lot of arcade games in the past decade but which one is still popular in 2020? Read on because we will be remembering some of the best arcade games that are still popular in...
  7. rootstereo

    Wild Terra 2 Online: New Lands - A look into our progress

    Hello friends! Development report for Wild Terra 2 Online. In recent days we have been working on the construction of the main continent, new biomes and creatures. We add a ship model which allows us to travel to new continents, this is how it looks. ♡ Wild Terra 2: New Lands is being...
  8. rootstereo

    Wild Terra 2: New Lands - Gameplay video

    New gameplay from Wild Terra 2 Online: New Lands. Our dream game in development. Recently added house building, fishing and furnace for the processing of basic materials and minerals. Check how it looks. Pre-alpha stage until the end of the weekend. Check it out ^^. New features to develope...
  9. Martin Berisford

    When are you not in the mood for a gaming session?

    I was just thinking that gaming tends to be the activity I gravitate to in many situations - whether I'm sad, angry or happy, a gaming session is always a relevant way of dealing with things for me! For example, strategy games give me something to think about, a strategy to execute and so on...
  10. China is dominating eSports globally - Research states

    New research from Ampere Analysis has uncovered that a whopping 26% of Chinese internet users watch esports at least once a month. Contrastingly, Western markets lag well behind China, with Denmark and Sweden leading the pack in European viewers. 8-9% of Danish and Swedish internet users watch...
  11. cozysymphony

    3 Ways to Seduce - Harry Potter RP

    Hello there! New video for this thursday! A like and sharing the link is always appreciated! :love: See you soon!
  12. NHS England calls for Loot Box Ban

    NHS England calls for Loot Box Ban

    Micro-transactions, loot boxes, skins and all other manner of buyable options in games have become a source of anger for some gamers whilst others see it as a kind of necessary addition to games in order to create revenue. There have been many calls to ban - specifically - things like loot boxes...
  13. Gaming Multimedia USB Keyboard & USB Mouse Combo by Zebronics

    Hey there, I just found out the Mechanical keyboard and wireless mouse for the more dramatic gaming experience on Amazon: Amazon.in: Buy Zebronics Transformer Gaming Multimedia USB Keyboard and Mouse Combo (Black) Online at Low Prices in India | Zebronics Reviews & Ratings I've used them before...
  14. sophiaaxel

    What games would you recommend someone to try out?

    I am sure that we all wanted to recommend games to someone either it could be friend or family member. It will be an interesting experience when we recommends someone a game he/she didn't think much about before or they assumed that they wouldn't like it. So, what games will you like to...
  15. The Absolute Games Of The Decade

    The Absolute Games Of The Decade

    A Revolutionary Decade The 2010s were marked as the decade that changed the landscape of gaming in more ways than ever thought possible. Revolutions in technology and the commercial haul of video gaming as an industry has seen the quality of leading titles such as 'Grand Theft Auto', 'Call of...
  16. How can I improve my PC performance?

    Hello guys im here to ask if you know why my pc isnt that great like it should be. My gpu is radeon r7 240series 2gb,works eith intel i5 2400 3.1GHz processor and 8gb of ram. For example in fortnite all the way in season 6 i had performance issues like i played on 720p with almost 800x600 3d...
  17. Need opinions on Overall quality of this video

    So recently I decided to start making some horror game video since I now have a pc, I played a game called (HUMAN) Id like to get some opinion son the video and see if you think it's "watch worthy". Thanks :)
  18. How do gamers cope with back pain?

    Hey everyone, as a gamer myself I’m currently trying to figure out how one could make the lives of gamers a lot easier. Two questions for my fellow gamers out there: 1.) As a gamer, are you experiencing issues with backpain? If yes, what are your biggest limitations because of it? 2.)...
  19. Objectively speaking, the 15 most fun strategy games

    I complied this article, a short but sweet list of arguably the fifteen most fun strategy games out there. Have a squiz and let me know what you think: https://www.gamersdecide.com/articles/best-strategy-games
  20. Nicholasde81

    Warface - Sniping is awesome!

    Sniping is an absolutely awesome experience on Warface!
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