1. Need opinions on Overall quality of this video

    So recently I decided to start making some horror game video since I now have a pc, I played a game called (HUMAN) Id like to get some opinion son the video and see if you think it's "watch worthy". Thanks :)
  2. Gamers and backpain

    Hey everyone, as a gamer myself I’m currently trying to figure out how one could make the lives of gamers a lot easier. Two questions for my fellow gamers out there: 1.) As a gamer, are you experiencing issues with backpain? If yes, what are your biggest limitations because of it? 2.)...
  3. Objectively speaking, the 15 most fun strategy games

    I complied this article, a short but sweet list of arguably the fifteen most fun strategy games out there. Have a squiz and let me know what you think:
  4. Nicholasde81

    Warface - Sniping is awesome!

    Sniping is an absolutely awesome experience on Warface!
  5. Nicholasde81

    Warface? Check this out if you don't know what it is

    Never heard of the game Warface? Check out this montage i made for it and see what you're missing out on :D
  6. Minecraft account for £5 !!?? Buy now + instant delivery

    Cheap Minecraft Accounts My Shop : Commerce Made Simple Cheap SFA and NFA minecraft accounts starting at £2.50 + instant delivery...
  7. Jajuli Bhaskoro

    Minecraft Make Comeback and defeat Tetris in the most selling game ever.

    This is kinda late of Minecraft Hype. But i still don't know the reason how can Minecraft make a comeback, is that because Pewdiepie or something ? I really like minecraft tho, but sometime i get bored and leave this game. I recall playing this game is 3 year ago, and i cameback last night...
  8. What are the best Batman games that are playable on PC?

    Batman's popularity as a superhero is not only determined by his comic book sales and his live-action and animated movies and shows. Another reason why this particular superhero is so popular amongst the thousands of other superheroes in fiction is due to the games that were based on him, most...
  9. Barida

    Can you spend up to $30,000 for a gaming chair?

    I was checking out how much some of these gaming chairs can cost. See image below. To me, I feel that the amount is kind of expensive and not something anyone will feel cool trying to buy unless you are super rich. I noticed that the Predator Thronos used to cost $30,000, but now close to...
  10. Does the Freemium business model enhance or diminish gaming experiences?

    Need some help/responses ASAP for my summer University Research Topic: ‘Does the Freemium business model enhance or diminish the modern gaming experience for consumers?’ I am currently writing a research paper and need some real-life responses on how you fellow gamers and students feel towards...
  11. Ryan Abbott

    Gaming Channels to Check Out

    A channel you should check out is R & C Gaming at R & C Gaming they have posted fortnite and call of duty videos and need to gain traction so please check them out they would appreciate it. Thank you.
  12. Twitch account

    Hey guys, I’m a streamer on twitch who streams daily. I’d like to share, hopefully you’ll follow and tune in! I put on a good show! I was also world ranked in battle games for Halo 2-3 and MW2 back in the day. Here’s a list of games I’m playing: Apex Legends/ Destiny/ CoD (Modern Warfare, MW2...
  13. Need help/advice on problem

    Hey there! I have played csgo and other fps games for a long time, but are considering too take a BIG break. The break could be weeks/months/years. What I’m scared of is. Is it possible for me after the big break is done, that I could have become worse at csgo and/or other FPS games? Im afraid I...
  14. Thoughts on tournament play?

    Hey guys, How's it going? I've just registered here and I'm after some advice. A friend invited me to play in a tournament. The prizes are not huge but it seems like a lot of fun. It's pretty standard play, like FIFA, COD, Fortnite etc and you win 20 bucks. What I'd like to know is, have...
  15. hardy

    Kotaku: The Australian Government funds a new "Aussie E-Sports Anime"

    A new web-series called Meta-Runner from SMG4 is making it's claim to fame already by being funded by AMD, Epic Games and the Australian Government! Meta-Runner is a series where a girl called Tari (Watch SMG4's videos to catch up on the reference.) is a so-called Meta-Runner, a Meta-Runner is a...
  16. jimx1

    If you need to recommend only 1 game to your best friend, which one would it be?

    Here's mine: War Clicks What is yours? Even though there are tons of fun games around that I've been playing all that time, you simply can't play them all and need to find those that suit you best – the ones that you feel most comfortable with. When the times changed and took away some of my...
  17. Carbon

    How well did E3 do on LGBT+ representations with it being Pride Month?

    How well did E3 do on LGBT+ representations with it being Pride Month? I am really interested to know if there were trailers tied into or based around Pride Month at E3 this year?
  18. Barida

    Do you have a game couch?

    Gaming can be exciting for most of us that enjoys playing games. The reason is that you feel smart when you get pass each phase of any game that you are playing. However, sitting at a place to play video games for longer period of time can be tiring and not easy with the back pain. This is...
  19. Disney could be entering the gaming industry

    Disney could be entering the gaming industry

    We all thought Disney might just stop after Star Wars, but no such luck. The company is reportedly considering purchase of Nexon, a mobile and Korean PC gaming company, and while this purchase could have benefits in the future, it will set the company back by about $13.2 billion. The report...
  20. Nubia Red Magic 3 appears a week before release

    Nubia Red Magic 3 appears a week before release

    Gaming phones seem to be cropping up everywhere, with brands like Black Shark and Nubia releasing their own gaming phones. Black Shark has already released their gaming phone for the year, and Nubia is close on their tail with a phone of their own about to be released (release is on the 28th of...