What Operating System Is Best for PC Gaming?


Having multiple platforms to play our favorite games is essential for serious gamers. Consider looking at the best operating system to use for PC gaming.

Choosing the perfect operating system (OS) is key to enhancing the gaming experience for gaming enthusiasts. Windows, macOS, and Linux are the primary OS contenders vying for the top spot. In this discourse, we will meticulously compare and contrast these systems to decide the ultimate operating system for PC gaming, considering their drawbacks and proposing potential solutions.

Windows: The Dominant Force in PC Gaming​

Windows, without a doubt, holds a significant market share in PC gaming. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, extensive gaming support, and diverse compatibility with multiple hardware types, it has become the go-to choice for most gamers.


Windows has its shortcomings. For instance, some users experience screen resolution issues that ruin their gaming experience. Additionally, the OS is vulnerable to malware and viruses, which may compromise the system's performance.


To resolve Windows screen resolution problems, make sure the graphics drive stays updated and the scaling settings in your game or OS are on the correct preferences. Additionally, for security, regularly update your software and use a reliable antivirus program to protect your system from malware and viruses.

macOS: A Sleek Alternative​

Apple's operating system, macOS, is known for its sleek design, high build quality, and powerful yet energy-efficient performance. It can manage some AAA games, but the choices are limited compared to Windows. On the upside, macOS stands out as a good choice because of its security features, so there is less risk of malware. Overall, macOS's smooth and user-friendly interface makes it a compelling choice for personal and professional use.


The biggest drawback for gamers opting for macOS is the limited game library. Moreover, gaming performance may not always be on par with Windows because of different optimizations and hardware limitations.


One potential workaround for the limited game library issue is using a dual-boot setup, which enables you to run Windows alongside macOS on a Mac computer. Consequently, you'll have access to the extensive Windows gaming library without changing your primary OS.

Linux: An Open-Source Option​

Linux's open-source nature allows users to customize the OS to their liking, creating gaming-focused distributions. This customization feature will enable Linux to run many popular gaming platforms, such as Steam. Linux is a highly customizable and streamlined option for gamers, with an open-source nature that encourages users to create and share games. It offers a secure, stable operating system and runs efficiently on older hardware. It is a smart choice for gamers seeking a smooth gaming experience.


Linux lacks mainstream support, leading to a lower number of compatible games compared to Windows. Moreover, there might be a steeper learning curve for inexperienced users coming from Windows or macOS.


For more gaming options on Linux, you can use tools like Wine and Proton, which enable running Windows games on Linux. Familiarizing yourself with Linux and seeking community support can help ease the transition to this OS.

Each operating system has advantages and downsides; however, Windows is the top OS for PC gaming because of its extensive library, compatibility, and overall performance. Both macOS and Linux have their merits, but they may require more steps to enhance their gaming capabilities.
I use Windows 11 64 bit on a high end rig. Seems to work great. I don't just game, so I enjoy the versatility of it. :cool:

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