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Sep 19, 2022
Hey everyone, I hope you're doing well. This week, I have a combination of Apex Legends and Overwatch articles for you if you're interested.

Overwatch 2 is out and I finally played it! It's really fun, but there were certain things I noticed that differ from the first game. This selection of articles focuses on audio and performance settings that can greatly improve your experience with Overwatch 2. Seeing as it's getting mixed reviews, the gameplay definitely could use a boost by improving the settings to better fit your play style.

Top 15 Best Apex Legends Audio Settings
Top 10 Best OW Heroes For Competitive Play
Top 10 Best Overwatch DPS For Beginners
Top 25 OW Performance Settings
Top 15 Best OW Audio Settings
If anyone comes across this, there are also some others here for everyone!

Apex has changes quite a bit over the last year or so ever since the complete rework of the legend system. This means that some legends are now better than others and even work well in certain teams. Find out this and more things like what the best players in the game use, the best settings and some extra tips for those console players out there! Hope this helps!

Best Ways to Level, Most Fun Legends, Most Played Legends, Why Apex is Popular, Best Players, Best Trio, Best Sensitivity, Best Solo, Best FOV, Best ALC Settings.
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