1. Martinsx

    Using Gaming cheat codes to play

    Most new games especially on Playstation and Xbox One console have cheat codes to help the gamers complete some of the game tasks with some sort of ease. These cheat codes comes in handy when such games are very difficult to complete but if the game is easy to complete, I think it's not really...
  2. PolySa

    What video game is the most nostalgic for you?

    For me is Tribal Wars, a strategical multiplayer game.
  3. PolySa

    Violent video game

    Do violent video games promote violent behaviour?
  4. Heatman

    What's the best mobile games you have ever played?

    Game developers have seen the impact of getting some of console and PC games into the level of android and iOS games because lots of people are now playing games with their smartphone devices. What are the best mobile games you have ever played? Be kind enough to make some good recommendations.
  5. Heatman

    Do you play games on weekends?

    Weekends are meant to be time for relaxation and rest. Some people prefer to hang out with friends and family members during weekends, while some people prefer to stay indoors and kill there time playing their favorite games.
  6. Heatman

    What time of day is best for playing games to you?

    It's either you prefer playing morning, afternoon or evening/night games or a combination of either of the time frames. Some people who are too addicted to some games and don't have any other things doing might play the whole 24 hours in a day. Personally, I prefer to play games late in the...
  7. Heatman

    How do you cope game addiction?

    One effect that is very common with all games that are being played by gamers is addiction to such games especially when they are very interesting and intriguing as well as thrilling. How do you cope with being addicted to a particular game?
  8. Heatman

    The best series game you ever played?

    There are so many game series out there for lots of gamers to choose from and have a great gaming experience. The one which I so much enjoyed playing with and still plays at the moment is Final Fantasy games series which starts from Final Fantasy I to Final Fantasy XV. What's your favorite...
  9. Heatman

    Do you listen to music when playing games?

    Whether it's the in game theme music or an external music playing in the room background where you are playing your game, these songs helps gamers to sync up with the game which they are playing fully. Do you enjoy listening to music when playing games?