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  1. Allcopstan

    What's the best VPN for Video Games?

    I need a VPN to play online games. Are there any VPN services for games
  2. E3 2020: Who's coming this year?

    The biggest gaming expo of the year is just months away and we’re expecting some amazing games to be announced at the expo by some of the major companies in the industry. Every year, many companies from all over the world showcase their best work but this time around, many big companies won’t be...
  3. Genesis MUD - Old School Fantasy Gaming

    Enjoy an old school multiplayer text adventure where your imagination is more important than your video card. Works in all browsers, on all operating systems and on all computers. Yes, on really slow computers too. No ads, no subscriptions, no in-app purchases, and nothing to download. All you...
  4. Control Review: A mind bending action-adventure video game

    Control is an action-adventure game, developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by 505 Games. It is one of the latest additions to the gaming world for all gamers to enjoy some real action and destruction with availability on Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is a third-person...
  5. Top 5 popular arcade games in 2020

    We’ve entered a new decade and gaming has really evolved over the last few years and so does the arcade games. We saw a lot of arcade games in the past decade but which one is still popular in 2020? Read on because we will be remembering some of the best arcade games that are still popular in...
  6. jimx1

    What games would you recommend someone to try out?

    Mine is War Clicks. Even though there are tons of fun games around that I've been playing all that time, you simply can't play them all and need to find those that suit you best – the ones that you feel most comfortable with. When the times changed and took away some of my free time, I was...
  7. Rastaman

    What are your impressions of World of Warcraft Classic?

    I want to go back to WoW Classic. Who has already played, what are your impressions?
  8. Get ready 2020 for Playdate

    Get ready 2020 for Playdate

    What the heck is Playdate and why the big fuss? Playdate is a new handheld gaming device that could possibly be 2020 next big gaming lineup. The Playdate device has it's own unique design and simple old school functions, such as simple button controls to help you control on-screen characters...
  9. Barida

    Will we see a Manhunt remake happening?

    I think there are gamers that complained that Manhunt was littered with violent scenes and killing of innocent characters. While I don't see its remaking happening, I really enjoyed playing it. Do you see its remake?
  10. Barida

    Which is difficult to play? Bloodbourne or Sakiro?

    Having spent much time playing both games, I don't think playing Bloodbourne is an uphill task as you can easily go through the phases with ease unlike when I played Sakiro. Which one did you find difficult when you played?
  11. Nova

    Emulators - How to play games on the PC

    Old console game are still played by using the emulators. Some people use the emulators on the PC. And some people use them on the Android. You can see that it can be fun making use of the emulators when you want to play some of your favorite old games. So my question which are some of your...
  12. Barida

    Do you play second hand games or prefer new ones?

    There are different reasons gamers prefer to play second hand game disk, the same way some wants to play the new ones. What influences your choice when making one?
  13. Heatman

    What's the best mobile games you've played?

    Game developers have seen the impact of getting some of console and PC games into the level of android and iOS games because lots of people are now playing games with their smartphone devices. What are the best mobile games you have ever played? Be kind enough to make some good recommendations.
  14. Heatman

    Do you play games on weekends?

    Weekends are meant to be time for relaxation and rest. Some people prefer to hang out with friends and family members during weekends, while some people prefer to stay indoors and kill there time playing their favorite games.
  15. Heatman

    What time of day is best for playing games?

    It's either you prefer playing morning, afternoon or evening/night games or a combination of either of the time frames. Some people who are too addicted to some games and don't have any other things doing might play the whole 24 hours in a day. Personally, I prefer to play games late in the...
  16. Heatman

    How do you cope with game addiction?

    One effect that is very common with all games that are being played by gamers is addiction to such games especially when they are very interesting and intriguing as well as thrilling. How do you cope with being addicted to a particular game?
  17. Heatman

    What's the best game franchise you've played?

    There are so many game series out there for lots of gamers to choose from and have a great gaming experience. The one which I so much enjoyed playing with and still plays at the moment is Final Fantasy games series which starts from Final Fantasy I to Final Fantasy XV. What's your favorite...
  18. Heatman

    Do you listen to music while playing games?

    Whether it's the in game theme music or an external music playing in the room background where you are playing your game, these songs helps gamers to sync up with the game which they are playing fully. Do you enjoy listening to music when playing games?
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