Top 3 Metaverse Games to Delve Yourself Into


While people continue to move forward in 2023, they have been playing metaverses for a long time. Moreover, many people are attracted to the virtual world, and we think that something more will happen in the future. So, in this article, we will look at the best games in the NFT metaverse through which people can earn rewards.


There are many reasons why Metarun is one of the best money-making (P2E) games. This game allows you to earn more in different modes. As soon as the character starts running around the track, the player can always think about maintaining the general condition. The game also becomes exciting when the player launches a projectile and starts killing opponents.

The player can choose suitable characters to increase the chances of winning battles and completing levels. The nice part about playing the metaverse is that it allows you to own assets on your own. When you challenge your friends in a certain mode, players can earn tokens with NFT character skins. Later, they can trade them on the cross-chain or local market. Thanks to high-quality graphics and original P2E tools, you will feel the difference in the gameplay.

In addition, the entire Metarun team is stepping forward into the future with visionaries who have earned recognition in the industry. Shortly after the player encounters the Metarun Closed Beta, the game becomes difficult due to static and moving obstacles. But in these cases, the player can increase their earning potential with different types of tickets. So, if you've always loved playing Temple Run, it's time to give Metarun a try.

Axi Infiniti​

Aside from Metarun, Axie Infinity is also one of the best metaverse games out there. Once you start playing the game, you will be able to earn a lot of rewards along with the cryptocurrency. A little later, you can exchange these rewards for real money. Once you start playing the game, you will be able to breed digital characters like "Axi" and participate in fun competitions and battles.

After winning competitions or battles, you can earn two tokens: Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Smooth Love Potion (SLP). In addition to earning tokens, you can always stake your tokens and receive passive income. Although the game draws inspiration from Pokémon, it has always been popular in the metaverse gaming industry.

However, as the developers think about Axie's growth plans, you might want to up the ante. When playing the game, you can always have an incredible experience thanks to the cards that lead to an aggressive play style.


According to the experts at, Sandbox is yet another game that has managed to cement its place among platforms like the metaverse. Whenever investors race, they can sell a piece of land for millions of dollars. In addition, many brands may be acquiring more real estate in the metaverse than they ever thought possible. They can use the Game Maker mode to develop mini-games and virtual infrastructures as they purchase land through the community-driven platform.

But as far as the game model is concerned, players can create NFT avatars to explore more patches of land. Shortly after the player starts playing the game, he can conduct all transactions using the SAND currency. Also, the best part of playing the metaverse is that members can easily buy digital land. They can also develop NFT creations and sell them on the marketplace.

However, if the player wants to improve their gaming experience, they can look to famous tenants like Adidas, Atari, and Snoop Dogg. He can also receive non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which he can later mint on the blockchain. Such unique and non-fungible tokens will subsequently allow the player to fully own in-game assets.


The Metaverse has always been cutting-edge technology for people looking for dynamic virtual experiences. But as developers increase the level of difficulty of games, this segment will become popular in the coming years.

After all, these games always improve the player experience and allow them to earn more tokens than they can ever imagine. They won't find anything frustrating or annoying experience even if they play the game for long hours.
I have not played Axiet Infinity because it costs a lot of money to start playing this game, however, I sometimes play Sandbox. I don't claim to have made a lot of money by playing Sandbox but I have earned some digital assets.
Am not familiar with the game, but your writeup is insightful. Thanks.
Your article is fascinating, even though I have little background knowledge of the game. Thanks a lot.

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