Top Most Popular Mechanical Keyboards in 2022


Do you type a lot? Want to pretend you're Stephen King, writing a new novel, banging away at your keyboard like it's a typewriter? Feel like diversifying your peripherals and just updating your keyboard? Here are the top mechanical keyboards for all purposes.

What to Look for When Choosing a Mechanical Keyboard​

The big difference between a mechanical keyboard and a membrane keyboard is the keys you can use. They give you a good feel for the keys you press, and programmers enjoy being able to press lots of keys as the computer processes the signal from each one.

Switches differ in these characteristics:
  • Actuation force. How much force the user needs to exert to press a key so that the computer receives the information.
  • Stroke length. The distance the key travels from the time it is pressed to the time the PC processes the information. This parameter is important for gamers and users who enjoy spending time in the best in-play betting site: the shorter the stroke, the better. For professionals, this is very important, especially when it comes to dynamic battles in multiplayer action games like Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legends, PUBG and others.
  • Type of switches. This parameter is responsible for what the user will feel when clicking. Clickable switches are considered to be very loud. Haptic switches barely noticeably slow down before you press all the way down and allow you to feel the keys stroke.

Moreover, check out these parameters:
  • Multimedia keys. It's always handy to press a single key on the keyboard to turn down the sound, start a video, and so on.
  • Ergonomic design. There are two parts of a mechanical keyboard which are separated and placed at an angle so that the position of the keys corresponds to the natural position of the hand.
  • A wrist rest. For some people, this point is essential. The support protects the hands and elbows from the feeling of fatigue.

The Best Mechanical Keyboards​

Logitech G413 Carbon​

The Logitech G413 Carbon is a full-size gaming keyboard that stands up to 70,000 keystrokes. The Romer G switch is tactile and has a slightly noticeable protrusion.

Fast and responsive, it's great for gamers. The keyboard boasts a convenient layout of multimedia controls, with twelve-sided caps that can be placed on frequently used keys. Multi-key combinations and programmable macros are available and can be set up with the G HUB software.

HyperX Alloy FPS RGB​

A full-size gaming keyboard with improved switches. The Kailh Silver Speed is a 1.3 mm switch with 40 grams of action. It's even lighter, even faster - your opponents will only have to hit the "exit to main menu" button because you've outplayed and outsmarted them. And it's all thanks to the HyperX Alloy FPS RGB Keyboard. With HyperX NGenuity, you can save up to 3 backlight configurations to the built-in memory.

Oklick 960G Dark Knight​

A mechanical keyboard with clickable switches. No number pad makes it easy to fit into a small desk, including a desk with lots of other useful things like notes, cups of tea and cats lying around.


A good budget keyboard with quiet keys because Gateron Red are linear switches. The keyboard is compact, with an open form factor (each key is slightly elevated above the keyboard surface), which makes it easy to clean without taking the keys out. The backlight seems dull, probably because the keys are an unusual, gray color. Buyers especially praise the build quality, noting that the cost of the keyboard should be higher.

HyperX Alloy FPS Pro​

It's a keyboard with linear switches with a quick stroke. The device is compact and expressed in a very austere design, although pleasing with a fun RGB backlight. The keyboard is equipped with Anti-Ghosting function, so when you press an unlimited number of keys simultaneously, it eliminates signal locking, which is important for programmers and other code connoisseurs.

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