what kind of music do you listen to when playing games?


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Nov 18, 2023
Я считаю, что лучшая музыка для игр - фонк, особенно для шутеров, поделюсь с вами фонком, который слушаю, когда играю.
A translation from Google Translate:

I believe that the best music for games is phonk, especially for shooters, I will share with you the phonk that I listen to when I play.

I must admit that I hadn't heard of "Phonk", but having listened to it a little, it sounds allot like "Pumping House" to me, but what do I know. To each thier own, and it makes sense to listen to something like that when play an FPS, something with intensity and a steady beat to help one focus.

Me personally, I don't actually listen to external music when playing a game. A game's own music (or even lack of music) is an important part of a game's ambiance and atmosphere. Music is very carefully crafted and/or chosen for a specific game by the developers for that very really reason and it's a shame and maybe even a disservice to the game itself to listen of something else while you play. Not that I would ever stop anyone from listening to thier own choice of music while playing, people can do what they want, but I personally choose to avoid doing so.

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