Question What kind of problems do you have during gaming?


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Mar 1, 2022
What kind of problems do you have during gaming? (i.e. you can't eat and play at the same time)

I have open this thread for discussion as I need some research for my A Level course, thx.
when the controller runs out of battery and end up losing mid-match. grinds my gears.
For me, the most common problem is eye strain, which can lead me to getting headaches and poor concentration.
Finding games I can play.

As someone who is quasi-blind with one usable arm/hand, roguelikes(as in turn and tile games like the game Rogue) are nearly the totality of games I can play, yet I cannot find games I can play because every dev, their dog and their grandma uses the term roguelike to refer to their arcade games that are completely unplayable to me.
It's a nightmare trying to actually find stuff that caters to my ability to play games when it really shouldnt be simply because turn and tile genres like genuine roguelikes have accessibility built in.
I can relate, Jujubeez. It happened a couple times for me while playing Dark Souls. You can't just switch controllers while you're ass-deep in an intense boss fight. Anyway, I always keep a spare controller charged and ready.

By the way, henry404x: You're using the abbreviation i.e. wrong. It literally means "that is." The abbreviation you want to be using is e.g. which means "for example."
I HATE sudden FPS drops. Especially when there's an enemy closely and I am so close to the kill and then bam! I lagged and I turn out to be the one killed. :/
Reminds me of multiplayer in the first Half-Life, makoyyy.

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