What are you listening to?

Currently listening to Sweet Serenade by Pusha T. I'm just going through old songs creating a new playlist on Spotify
I listen to many things, but most recently I've been letting this gem of a soundtrack tickle my ears.

Currently listening to Superman by Goldfinger from the old THPS soundtrack...

Fun fact, one of the first concerts I went to was to watch Gold Finger play at a local bar that doesn't exist anymore. I was 13 or 14 I think, my step father took me and a buddy, I had to buy his ticket.

That was either my first or second concert, with Garbage opening for the Smashing Pumpkins being the other. They were my first two, just not sure which one happened first.
Been listening to Addict by Silva Hound ever since the music video popped up last week. Desperatly waiting for episode 2 of Hazbin Hotel, but I suppose this'll tide me over in the meantime.
I'm just playing a live online radio show :) name SimulatorRadio
Currently listening to Capital FM on my Google Home Mini

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