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Myself, Vijay, I am completely new to the gaming industry and a well-known game researcher and game information provider. I research and help people solve their problem sets with my resources.

So, here to answer and support everyone, I would also like to take solutions from others.
I'm LuminousHydra. I'm a huge fan of gaming and have been a gamer for a long time. I'm mostly a Nintendo and Sony games fan. Nice to be here and chat with you all!
Hi, I'm a newbie. Been playing PC games since 2004, almost 20 years, and happy to reminisce about my gaming experience by looking at old/new game forums.
Hey gaming community!

I'm thrilled to join this lively forum of fellow video game enthusiasts. I go by the name Louis Alat, and gaming is my passion. Excited to share experiences, tips, and chat about all things gaming with you all! If you have must-play game recommendations or just want to have a casual chat, feel free to reach out. Ready to dive into epic discussions and explore new gaming horizons with all of you! ?✨
🤭 Sorry, I find doing these intro posts to be a rather cartoonish exercise and I'm struggling not to post something silly.

It's like we're supposed to pretend to be all airy fairy and unrealistically positive....basically presenting a fake digi-self.

Feels like I can't just be who I am and I gotta project a false persona that my usual goofy behaviour will never actually align with, imo, it's no different to straight up lying to everyone, like a typical narcissist does, and frankly putting on a fake persona to match that of the majority- for me-means having to feign being far less positive than I actually am...🤥it feels weird & kinda gross.

🤔Hmmm...ya know what, I was gonna delete all that, however it might just pass as a mediocre intro attempt-while also not having to be fake about it...🫠 I'mma roll with it.

Hi I'm a new member looking for Runescape players that smoke. They're called that's. Yes it's pretty nifty stuff. As soon as I get rights I'll be posting a way to learn these instead of all that training. We can call it a Discussion. I've been msging Jagex but they are hard to get a hold of.

If you know what I"m talking about we'll even speak about the code or even make a new game, i like the name lesion. MMORPG like Runescape and Similar game-play. But with THATS Thnx
Hello everyone.. I will not say that I am new to gaming world but yes not that older because my parents don't want me to play games whole day. 😂😂
Well, I'll say hello too :) Crazy and liberated, although already an experienced fan of retro games, in addition I love the cats I surround myself with. All the time looking for places where you can come across an interesting and interesting community, which I usually succeed.
Hey I was Just exploring the Internet so I found this website So I am new to this community and I am not aware about the code of conduct so can someone help?

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