What Is Your Browser Of Choice?

For a while, I was using Microsoft Edge for my browser but I found it was quite heavy for my PC at the time and I opted to try Opera GX.

Opera GX seemed to run a lot smoother and I have been using it ever since and have grown so used to it I don't think I could go back now.
I use Firefox on my PC. I have been using Firefox since 2004 and I never have had any issues. I have Firefox on my mobile device as well, however, I do not use Firefox much on my mobile device. I have installed it just to check the site that I usually access through my PC when needed. I use the Samsung browser on my phone, and sometimes I also use chrome, both on mobile and PC.
Chrome is the best. I've used every other browser which I can think of but I still found myself back to Chrome. It's Microsoft Edge I used once in a while. It's almost similar like Chrome.
Agreed. I just went back to Chrome, and I am keeping it. Firefox bugged out *again*. It started using like 93% of my total ram, and slowing down my PC. It seems to do that every other version. I've used it since Beta too....
I have only used Chrome and Brave browser. To be very honest with you, Brave browser is very good except for one thing which is its excessive ads blocking. It makes it difficult for me to use on some site that allows for ads before you can use it. This is why I have to go back fully to Chrome.
I hear Brave is good for privacy. I do have a lot of nice privacy and anti-tracking add-ons with Chrome tho...
Still using Chrome. And then Firefox and Edge for testing my site. :)
Certainly! In terms of browsers, it all boils down to personal preference. Safari is designed specifically for Apple devices and works perfectly with the M1 Mac. There is no reason to switch if you are enjoying the experience.

However, Google Chrome is noted for its speed and interoperability with a variety of systems, including Mac. It is a popular choice due to its performance and the large number of extensions available.

It could be worth trying Chrome to see whether you prefer its features or if it better fits your browsing habits. Both Safari and Chrome are fantastic options, but the choice ultimately comes down to personal preferences.
Generally curious. What is you're browser of choice? I am on a M1 Mac Mini and have been using Safari since I got it. But wondering if there are better options out there for me with Chrome, Firefox, DuckDuckGo, etc.
I've been using Safari on my M1 Mac Mini as well, and it works seamlessly. However, you might want to explore different browsers like Chrome or Firefox to see which one aligns better with your preferences. For more tech insights, check out Casashoppe, your go-to source for tech-related information and resources.
A bunch of people say Opera GX.

I really, really want to like it, but I'm an IT power user, and it doesnt have any functioning Powershell hooks.

I have a few scripts I threw together to automate my opening and setting up my stream apps and sites in one click. Opera GX might open a specific page if you type it and the URL, but you cant do any other controlling or presetting via Powershell.

So, its Chrome for me.

Some people are going to say "why do that when you can just do X".
Better question; why not just program the app to be Powershell friendly? You're already developing the web browser;... how hard can it be?

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