Have you ever been Hit in the nuts? What is the normal reaction?

I ask everyone in this thread to stop derailing the topic. Please stay focused on the topic and if either of you two can’t be civil towards each other then don’t post at all or keep it private. Anymore unrelated posts or derailing of the thread, warnings will be handed out. Consider this a final warning.
As I explained, you did not. Your explanation was partial at best and I don't think is even true because it doesn't make sense. I'll reconsider when you're ready to be more honest.
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In the hope this bully has finally been shut up, I'll respond now like I originally wanted to the @Firestar's last post.

I know this thread sound strange and everybody has their own opinion, but it’s just sad where this thread is going

And there are other ways to show your opinion Without being rude or offensive or attack other people
I just want some answers to describe the scene and reaction and want to dive deep and understand the vulnerability/ reaction of a hit in the groin

@Shagger I appreciate your understanding

How would i react if i have been Hit in the nuts? Which Face do men make? What is the normal reaction after a Hit in the nuts? Does the dick or balls or stomach hurt? Does the pain linger? Do light taps to the groin hurt more? Did they clutch their balls or Go in the fetal position? Is the pain really in the stomach and must you puke? How can you describe the pain? Do Boys Hit eachother in the groin? What is Nutball or sacktapping? Do boys really hold their nuts? Does it help? How would I react if I have been hit in the balls? I'm 16 years old, ca. 1,63m high, Blond, skinny and do Not do sports

Does a Front wedgie hurt? With which objects have you been hurt your nuts? What Does help after been Hit in the groin? Have you ever been Hit in the nuts during PE?

Which noises do you make after a Hit in the nuts

Does a Hit in the nuts hurt more Kids Teens or adults?

I'll try and answer the questions in order and one at a time, but after this I'm done;

  1. One tend to curl his body up in a fetal position.
  2. I suppose a kind of strained face.
  3. See answer 1.
  4. The pain tends to be focused in the testicles and a burning, strained feel reaching up to the abdomen.
  5. Yes, the pain lingers dying down gradually. The abdomen pain might linger a little longer.
  6. Heavier strikes to any part of the body hurt more, the groin is no different.
  7. Both.
  8. I've never vomited in such a situation, but imagine that it's possible.
  9. I refer you back to my first reply before all the nonsense started.
  10. Like, for a laugh? Well, in a world whare Jackass exists, I'd have to say yes.
  11. I dunno, what is nutball of sacktraping? those terms are new to me.
  12. See answer 9.
  13. See answer 7.
  14. A front Wedgie would hurt, but not as much as blow I'd think.
  15. I don't know, I don't see how that matters, the effect would be more or less the same if the same force is applied.
  16. Ice packs and time, like any burse/impact realtered injury.
  17. No, but It's likly to happen during PE/sports as anywhere.
  18. See answer 9
  19. I suspect more for teens/adults (Post puberty) than in young children, but I don't know for sure.

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