Have you ever accidentally deleted your account in the past?

Joshua Farrell

Jun 7, 2019
On forums you are, or were on, did you ever accidentally delete your account? I've heard stories of people doing it by accident, when they wanted to save a recent edit in their profile, but I have never experienced an accidental deletion of my own account before. Ofcourse I have deleted accounts of mine before, but they were never an accident, but a number of them I regretted later, because of realizing that I couldn't get back what I lost from that particular account.
I've never heard of someone accidentally doing it, must have been back in the days when it was easy to do. These days it prompts you a few times before fully doing it.
Never. I'm yet to come across any forums that just allow you to delete your account (especially one where you can do it easily and by accident). Most places will require you to contact them about it
I can't say that I have ever accidentally deleted an account on a forum to be honest. I always thought the account deletion button was far away from the save button on the profile section? Or it could be closer to a save button on a software I have never used before. I would imagine it would be quiet frustrating though accidentally deleting your account on a forum, especially if you were a regular poster there.

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