Have you ever been in a movie?

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Jun 15, 2019
Have you ever been in a movie yourself, or found anybody famous in one?

I am responsible for finding Sylvester Stallone in most of the movies on his Wikipedia entry, that says he is "uncredited" in them. Unfortunately, when I put them on IMDb in the past, the staff in charge ended up deleting them. I did show them proof, on their support forums, which they dismissed as being invalid evidence. I don't know if they were just being shitty about it, but anyway, here's what I did to find him...

I came across a fan site about Stallone, and the guy who runs it even has Sly's approval to run that site. There's a screenshot from a book on one of this guy's blog entries. I don't have this book myself, but there's a page about him in one section, and it lists some work Sly did on stage, and it mentions several movies he is in from around 1970, but it just said he was in them, with no other info like where he appears. One called That Nice Boy. I've never found any copy of that obscure film anywhere. But he is in a mainstream movie called Downhill Racer with Robert Redford. I found him in a restaurant scene about 50 minutes into the movie, and the mods on that stupid IMDb site tried to say it wasn't him when I posted a video, but you cannot mistake him anywhere in any film, because well, how many actors resemble Stallone at all? Zero, right? You see him at a table for about 10 seconds, and although he is very young, you can still tell it's him. Plus, the film was partly made in Switzerland in 1969, and Sly was at a college in Leysin at that time. Just helps if guys do their homework.

I never did quite find him in Klute clearly, but he is apparently dancing in a disco scene, which is set in New York City. One of those 'blink-and-you-will-miss-me' sort of bit parts that actors do at the start of their career to pay the bills, and attempt to network. He is clearly seen in Bananas, with Woody Allen. Him and this other guy enter a train carriage and start annoying people. Woody Allen pushes them off the train after they mug an old lady, and the doors close. The doors open back up, and Sly and the other guy look like they want to beat the tar out of Woody Allen for doing that. :LOL:

If you've ever seen MASH, with Donald Sutherland, you can catch a glimpse of him near the start of the movie. I just read online that he met one of the cast members, and Stallone told him that he didn't admit to being an extra in any films, but that he liked being an extra in that one. I forget this character's name, but Donald Sutherland is in the catering tent with Tom Skerritt, and there's soldiers at other tables. A guy with glasses overhears them flirting with a woman, and he gets up and approaches them. As he's approaching them, you can see Stallone wearing a beret for like a second. I should point out that he's not seen clearly from the front, but apparently, he was in a lot of famous films, but just briefly in the background. Lovers and Other Strangers and What's Up, Doc? too.

One of the very first things I was an extra in, is a web series based on a game, that is called Judas Goat. I was in a bar for a few seconds in one scene and it was very foggy, as they had to keep pumping out this mist. I'm at a table, almost in the middle of this shot. They didn't credit me in the first episode as I emailed them too late. I really was lucky to get credited at all. I just messaged the dude in charge to ask when the episodes would be released, and he asked if I was in the bar scene, so he offered to credit me in the other episodes. But hey, I was listed as a bar customer in the other four episodes on Vimeo, despite the fact that I only show up in the first episode, and I think each episode was named after a song. Weird! Anyway, these episodes didn't even really run longer than 5 minutes, but they were well made though. I think if you added them all together, you'd be lucky to get 30 minutes of the story, maximum. You can get the series on Steam for just $2, if you're anxious to see my appearance.

Over the years, I found Sly in other movies, and I also found out that Bruce Willis is in a movie called Prince of the City in 1981. He's just some dude at a desk with other guys at desks, listening to Treat Williams talking, in the last scene of a boring 3-hour film. Then a year later, Willis got cast by the same director for a courtroom scene in The Verdict, and you can spot him sitting near another future star - Tobin Bell, aka John Kramer from Saw. According to Bell's website, he did over 30 movies as an extra or stand-in, such as Tootsie, Modern Problems and more.

The folk on IMDb asked me to tell them about a film with Vin Diesel as an extra, and like Amy Winehouse, I said, "No, no, no". But the movie is, Presumed Innocent. I think he's just an extra in one of the courtroom scenes with Harrison Ford. Still not on his IMDb page as of 2019... because that site sucks. :love:

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