10 Great High School Anime Worth Watching On Netflix


High schools are one of the most popular locations for media aimed at young people, whether it's in movies, web series, or anime. High school anime programmes never fail to fascinate young viewers with a mix of unique viewpoints on adolescent life and twists of fantasy, drama, love, and action.

Some high school anime, without a doubt, goes beyond the standard high school cliches. Whether you're looking for motivation, sadness, or a good chuckle, these high school anime episodes have it all. They're among the greatest in the genre, with outstanding character arcs, dialogue, and clever plots.

Komi Can’t Communicate

The anime Komi Can't Communicate is praised for its plot on social anxiety, which features a novel narrative and intriguing characters. Shoko Komi is a bashful high school girl who is revered as a goddess by her peers because of her attractiveness. They are completely oblivious of Komi's social anxieties and believe she is too good to talk to anybody.

When a series of events compels Komi to connect with the male protagonist, Hitohito Tadano, the tale begins. Komi's communication issues and her objective of making 100 friends are finally discovered by him. The first season follows the two as they make their way through high school, with Tadano seeking to help Komi cope with her anxieties and achieve her ambition. The series takes a lighthearted approach to high school kids' social anxiety difficulties while yet underlining their importance.

Jujutsu Kaisen

Cursed spirits prey on hapless mortals in the domain of Jujutsu Kaisen, and fragments of the legendary and dreaded demon Ryomen Sukuna have been lost and scattered. Beautiful battle sequences, emotional depth, supernatural themes, power scaling, audiovisuals, storey advancement, and well-written characters are among the show's strengths.

Yuji Itadori, a kind-hearted adolescent, joins his school's Occult Club for entertainment, but soon realises that its members are actual sorcerers. In the form of the demon Sukuna's finger, he discovers a cursed talisman. To protect his friends, Yuji eats the finger and becomes Sukuna's host. Fans even compare Jujutsu Kaisen to Demon Slayer because of the amazing characters and unique tale.

Tokyo Revengers

Takemichi, a hapless 26-year-old, is followed by a group of delinquent teenagers in Tokyo Revengers. The storey starts in a typical middle school scenario, with the protagonist being tormented. The tale tracks his growth as a character until he and the other characters reach adulthood and become a full-fledged delinquent gang.

Takemichi has a chance to defy fate after finding that his middle school crush perished in a car accident. He has been unexpectedly given with the ability to travel back in time 12 years. The narrative follows his attempts to predict and alter events before to the disaster in order to save his middle school love interest. The series is also recognised for its outstanding music effects and memorable opening soundtrack.

Kuroko’s Basketball

Kuroko's Basketball offers it all: high-intensity martial arts action, furious competition, high-school settings, and superb sports flavoured with imagination. It's also one of the greatest sports and fitness anime ever made. While the show may not be a true portrayal of basketball, each event on the court is sure to give you a rush.

From the main protagonist, Tetsuya Kuroko, to his former comrades in the Generation of Miracles, the programme boasts hundreds of swoon-worthy characters, each with their own complexity to add to the storey. The shounen anime's determined characters, adolescent comedy, and unique powers that everyone enjoys are all reasons why fans appreciate it. The thrilling gaming moments make the audience's hearts beat and keep them riveted to the screen.

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! is one of the most inventive cartoons about anime production, illustrating the difficulties that young animators encounter. It follows three high school girls as they collaborate to create anime films in the positions of director, animator, and producer. Motivation, emotional moments of friendship, triumph over hardship, and new ideas abound in the series.

Midori Asakusa and her two best pals each have their own special abilities that they combine to attain their aim. The retro style will appeal to aficionados of anime from the 1990s. The actual narrative of the series is made up of brainstorming ideas, opposition from parents and classmates, demanding schedules, and emotional rollercoasters. It delves into the process and struggles of producing anime in great detail and rationale.


The characters in Haikyuu!! are fascinating and have a lot of emotional weight. It depicts the ups and downs of Hinata Shoyo's life as a volleyball player aspiring to be the next "Little Giant." It tells a narrative of hope and dreams, but its realistic representation sets it distinct from other sports anime.

With Hinata's volleyball success despite his diminutive size, Haikyuu!! sends the idea that with hard effort and perseverance, nothing is impossible. Volleyball is portrayed as more than simply a game in this film. Each character is emotionally charged and causes the audience to feel something. It's an anime that teaches and challenges viewers to think about their own life.


Toradora centres around two neighbours and high school students, Taiga Aisaka and Ryuji Takasu, and is one of the finest romantic anime featuring tsundere characters. It's a passionate romantic comedy narrative about two polar-opposite high school teenagers, inspired by a light book of the same name. Friendships, personal concerns, drama, wisdom, funny conversations, and great soundtracks abound in this series.

The narrative begins with Aisaka and Takasu agreeing to a mutual pact since they both have crushes on one other's closest friends. They try to set each other up with their crushes by creating romantic scenarios. They do, however, eventually fall in love with one other. Toradora, in contrast to other love anime, carefully focuses on all facets of high school romance while avoiding clichés. It's thrilling and surprising at the same time.

Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War

One of the funniest high school anime with a rom-com flavour is Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War. The plot centres around President Miyuki Shirogane and Vice President Kaguya Shinomiya, the two leaders of Shuchiin Academy's student government. Shirogane and Kaguya are both attached to one another, but they're both too proud tsundere to confess it.

The premise of Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War is simple, but the character development is extensive. Even the supporting characters are among of the best penned in anime. The music and visual style of the presentation give it a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. The comedy is well-timed, and the sad scenes are powerful, accurately showing human behaviour.

A Place Further Than The Universe

A Place Further Than The Universe is an uplifting female empowerment narrative about four ladies who con their way into an Antarctic expedition. It explores friendship and connection in depth, establishing a solid balance between narrative and slice of life. The best part is that the plot isn't overly made-up or unrealistic. It presents real-life situations and relies only on realistic descriptions to keep the viewer engaged.

Each of the main individuals has their own motivations for travelling and ambitions. The anime authentically depicts sadness, earning the hearts of those who value realistic material. The series has a great vitality to it, as well as a high level of emotional intensity. While the animation and scenery should be better, it is still one of Netflix's most innovative anime series concerning high school students.

The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K.

The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K. is for anime lovers who enjoy parodies. It centres around Kusuo Saiki, a god-like high school student who was born with all psychic abilities, including telepathy, psychokinesis, teleportation, invisibility, and so on. The programme is broken up into small episodes, but it builds up punchlines quickly and keeps them moving.

Kusuo explains his responses to the audience as a psychic, explaining and offering a viewpoint on his talents that he finds so perplexing. The programme retains viewer interest despite the lack of a compelling narrative. As Saiki tries to live a regular life, something he repeatedly fails to do, the layered gags continue to flow at breakneck pace. Saiki K. is one of the most popular sketch comedies out right now, thanks to its high-school setting and sci-fi edge.
A Silent Voice is also a good one to watch on Netflix. Highly recommended!
I make new addition to your series that you can watch on Netflix and some other websites that must be worth watching.

When tragedy strikes his friends, manga-artist Satoru finds himself time traveling back to his childhood to prevent the events from unfolding. The suspenseful drama makes for an addicting binge watch.

Your Lie in April
A melancholy yet uplifting coming-of-age story, Your Lie in April follows a former piano prodigy's inspirational journey to rediscover music through an eccentric violinist he meets. The stunning soundtrack amplifies its emotional impact.

Blue Spring Ride
A girl reunites with her first love years later in high school, sparking nostalgia and romance. For anime fans craving a sweet shoujo love story, Blue Spring Ride delivers appealing leads and a charming high school setting.

Monthly Girls' Nozaki-Kun
This unique romantic comedy focuses on a high school girl who realizes the stoic boy she has a crush on is secretly a famous shoujo manga artist. The quirky cast and parody of shojo tropes result in big laughs.

My Hero Academia
This popular shounen anime follows Izuku Midoriya on his quest to become a superhero, attending the prestigious UA High School to learn how to control his newly acquired powers and help people. With epic superpower battles and a fun cast of characters, My Hero Academia has action, comedy, and heart. You can watch My Hero Academia on (heroaka) this website.

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