Nebulous: Fleet Command


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Feb 10, 2023
This game has a lot of potential, and current reports are that AI in battles is hard to beat, yet people will be harder. At least this is my understanding. I’ve worked my way through the first six tutorial and it feels weighty in a good way, as in someone put a lot of thought into these mechanics. Think of this as Home World with more control. In Home World you grouped your ships positioned them, and attacked other groups of ships as hit the attack button.


There are many Nebulous How TOS on YouTube. Third party guide also available on Steam: NEBULOUS: Fleet Command Highscore's Better Guide to NEBULOUS: Fleet Command

In Nebulous, there are radar signatures based on fleet spacing, and emissions, Electronic Warefare elements, jamming, and being jammed, offensive guns and missiles, defensive guns and missiles. The ship graphics strike me as basic, but the munitions, when the ship weapons light up, it looks completely awesome. :D


What I fear in most Real Time Strategy games is the required micromanaging. As compared to on the ground RTS, here you are operating in 3D space. Fortunately your ships have some level of automated point defense responses that can be selected in advance for incoming missiles. You manually set up tracking on targets and launch missiles or shoot guns at them. What I really don’t know is how cumbersome this becomes if you are operating 8 ships in a squadron. Are there group commands? But you are not necessarily going to want all of your ships firing at a single ship and as far as I can tell there is no stop time mechanism to issue orders to each ship. So are you going to have to select each ship and tell it what to do? If you know, I’d like to hear about it. :D. I’ll know more when I actually get into some skirmishes.


Love this game. Was obsessed with it to begin with but too difficult for me to play right now.
The game is tough, a bit too tough. It’s still in beta so maybe it will move in the right direction.

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