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Feb 10, 2023
A decade ago I started with Farcry 3 a 2012 first-person shooter game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and loved not only its open world nature, but appreciated the beautiful vistas on a tropical island.


FarCry 3​

I played the heck out of this game. Then I moved on to FarCry 4 set in the Himalayas, a place like Nepal, and I think because I had played so much of the first game mentioned, I burned out with it’s formula.


But now I am back playing Farcry 5, purchased on sale recently at Steam. Set in beautiful Montana, I’m loving this franchise again. You start out as a US Federal Deputy as part of a group going to arrest a cult leader (Project at Eden’s Gate) where the cult leader is guilty of things like kidnapping and in the process of establishing his own fiefdom. This mission goes South fast and you barely make it out in one piece.

Your mission becomes to basically rescue the county. Ubisoft consulted a Cult Expert to ensure the game feels realistic. The map is large and beautiful, the combat is fun, some of your companions are a hoot, and there is a large variety of vehicles for getting around including, boats, Helos, quads all over the place, and airplanes. Airplanes are the most awkward vehicle to control/fly using keyboard and mouse. Helos are much easier.


As far as game play, I don’t remember changing the difficulty, and at the default setting the mechanics/game is not too difficult and rather forgiving. That is fine with me although yes, when I get too complacent, I’ve died a couple of times in combat, and you need to watch those heights and for bears. :) The bears are best handled with a high powered rifle or an assault rifle. I’ve not had the opportunity to defend against bear attack with a shotgun, but will assume if using buckshot or a slug, it would be effective.

You earn points with which perks can be gained. I recently realized that carrying more than 2 weapons requires additional perks for a total of 4 weapons and I’ll testify that with just 2 weapons I feel hindered. :) Right now I‘m limited to a silenced pistol or a bow, and a high powered sniper rifle. I could use an assault rifle instead, but don’t like how they eat though ammo. Ideally with extra weapon slots, I want to add a shotgun for close encounters, and an assault rifle. It takes 8 perk points to gain at least one, maybe both additional slots.

I like that you can play coop with one other player, invite them into your game and they will accompany you. I’ve been playing with my son on his game, and then I can proceed at my own pace on my game.


What I don’t like is that to play this on Steam, launching the game requires a Ubisoft account, it launches Ubisoft’s Game Hub and yo have to log in there to play. Once you get though this the first time, it’s not too bad, but still annoying. My guess is because Ubisoft’s insistence on control, you won’t find this title on GOG. Happy hunting! :D

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