How To Have Fun When You’re Not Gaming


Gaming is great fun, and it’s amazing to be able to enjoy it and escape into various virtual worlds when the mood strikes. However, as any serious gamer will know, it’s also essential to do things other than gaming. Not only is this better for your health (especially if you pick something active), but it will also help your energy levels and focus so that when you go back to gaming, you’ll actually be more successful (and maybe even have more fun). With that in mind, here are some of the best ways to have fun when you’re not gaming.

Do Puzzles​

Your brain needs stimulation a lot of the time, and the great thing about gaming is that it can actually offer that stimulation. However, as we’ve said, taking a break once in a while is also important, and that’s where doing puzzles can come in useful.

Puzzles like crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, and Sodoku are perfect for keeping the brain active when you’re taking a break from gaming, so it’s handy to have a few of these puzzles around the house to give you something to do. Of course, you can still use your phone or computer to play games, and something like a word search online could be precisely what you need.

Go Outside​

If you want to get away from your games completely for a while and not be tempted to play when you’re meant to be taking a break, going outside is a good idea. You don’t have to do anything overly active like running, hiking, or cycling, for example (although if you want to do these things, go ahead, they’re great for your physical and mental health), and instead, you can take a slow walk around your neighborhood or through a local park, or perhaps go on a nature hunt in a nearby wood.

When you go outside, you’ll breathe in fresh air, which boosts your immune system and stimulates your body to make ‘feel-good’ hormones, and if you get some physical exercise as well, that’s a great bonus.

Connect With Friends And Family​

You know what it’s like when you’re really into a game; it’s easy to forget anything else exists. However, when you get to this point, that’s when you definitely need to take a break and do something else.

What about connecting with friends and family? Depending on how long you’ve been playing your game, it might have been a while since you saw anyone who wasn’t virtual, and by organizing a movie night, having a family dinner, or just calling someone up for a chat, you can take a great break from the games and still have plenty of fun.

Learn Something New​

If you’re not gaming, why not invest your time in learning a new skill or starting a new hobby? It could be anything from a new language to cooking to coding to gardening and a huge range of other things too.

Learning keeps your brain active, and it gives you something to do when you’re not gaming, no matter who you are. Plus, whatever you learn might even come in useful in the future when you’re looking for a job, or you’ve decided to change careers.

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