What game are you playing right now?


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Jan 24, 2019
It doesn't matter what platform. Also, what is your progress? Why are you playing? Are you ambitious to win more than usual?

Myself, I still need to get a TV for my Nintendo Wii. Well, actually I want to get a used Wii U.
Smash bros on my Switch, just general play with people online at times.

Dragon Quest 11 on PS4, I'm just getting started.
Just Fortnite Battle Royale and World of Warships: Legends at the moment
EVE On-line and COD Black Ops 4. :D Also just got Nite Team 4 which looks really cool!
I am playing some tennis games at the moment on mobile. The reason is that I am trying to see how I can react in some situations that warrants me building my mindset on that. Gaming is always a huge part of my life.
Soon to be Xenon Racer. Just waiting on a gamepad from Amazon. :)
Finished metro exodus and the days gone. Both were decent games. I mean I prefer playing for hours and these two games kept me busy for some time.
Ill go with GTA Vicecity V that was newest game for and loves to play it a lot.
I've recently found myself getting back into simulator games for whatever reason - gives me an escape from reality in some form lol. The one's I've been playing is Kerbal Space Program and I've just got Flight SImulator on download. The idea of flying rockets into space or some mad F-18 through a city airspace gives me a little chuckle. Although that Kerbal game seems quite hard actually - I've got the dang thing into orbit but I can't 'swap' orbits. Learning time!
I'm playing a few games right now.. ?

F1 2017 - PS4
God of War - PS3
L.A. Noire - PS3
Spyro the Dragon (Reignited Trilogy Remaster) - PS4
Tomb Raider: Legend - PS3
Currently playing just a few video games on my PC.

Banished (medieval town builder) - 1200 population
Grand Theft Auto V Online - 121 level, need to farm more money and then will farm levels
Minecraft - casually playing just for fun
CS:GO - Trying to reach the Global Elite rank and I'm very close to but with that amount of cheater I don't see it soon.
I play CS:GO when I smoke, otherwise I find myself constantly going back to Cities Skylines, already have close to 200 hours in it, and that's not including the 200+ I had in the cracked version I had before I got the DLC.
I am currently playing Final Fantasy via Origins on the Playstation 1. I'm grinding before I enter the Temple of Chaos, which is the final dungeon of the game. My team consists of a Knight, Master, White Wizard, and Black Wizard all are at level 36. :)
I finished Final Fantasy so I'm playing Team Sonic Racing and Final Fantasy 2 now. :)
I am playing PlantsVsZombies and Fieldrunners2, they are interesting games and you may give them a try.

Beside PC games, I like play Android games and they are really addicted games that you can not ignore.

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