Can’t Remember The Name Of The Game? Ask Here!


Nov 16, 2018
This will be the main thread for finding the game's name for those who are struggling to find the game they're looking for but are able to describe the game so other members are able to jump in and help.

Keep your questions and answers in here, and do not create a new thread for every question.

We are hoping this will limit the number of threads we get about helping find the name of a game as we get too many.
Hi. Basically I saw a video the other day of this game where these people were stood around a table with white masks on, I think one may hve had a top hat. It’s played in like a POV style, they’re stood around a piñata and they make you swing and then the piñata turns into flesh etc. I was just wondering if anyone knows the name of this game.

Thank you so much :)
I don't know the name of it but It's a 2D adventure game where you play as a spaceship and you have to explore these different areas of a cave. I believe it was made by microsoft. You can have multiple different tools such as a claw, a laser gun, and a magnet. It is on steam, or was. If anyone know's please respond!
I used to play this game along with Virtual Village and Purple Place so I know it was made around when those were. All I can remember is that most of the game was set in the woods and it was a family of yellow people. You had to find your family members I think? I’m honestly not sure. The style of the game from what I remember looked like the Snow White game on the SNES, just not as rough because it was on PC...
Hi all
I am hoping someone out there will be able to help me
I used to play a game on a Web browser but I cannot remember the name so I am hoping if I can explain what it contained hopefully it may get someone to recognise it.
So here goes
You used to have to spend turns to make money, and recruit soldiers to then attack people later on, it was also like a season based game so every so many weeks it would reset
It was like text RPG, you used to be able to buy equipment like missiles and tanks etc to make you stronger.
I cant remember that much more about it but I really want to try and find it again

Thanks in advance
is this game is online or offline and does this game has also a multiplayer feature in it if so then I think this mini militia is this one which you are looking for.
It's online based where you can attack other players but it costs like 20 "turns" or something
It isn't mini militia either, thanks for the suggestion
Okay, so I played a game a long time ago, maybe on Xbox 360, but I can’t find what the name of it is. So all I remember is: A girl/boy accidentally killed a boy by pushing him and I believe his head or neck hit a rock maybe? Well she/he, and the sibling run away from the cops, and the whole game is pretty much them hiding in different places. I believe at one point they stayed at a house where it was snowing hard, and the cops pulled up so they had to leave.
It might be a unfinished game or homebrew one. See here and to check if you can find it. Was the quality good in that game?
Main character has blue hair, wore a mask and blamed for his friends deaths and executed by electric chair even Though he did not do it (in the or one of the endings) the game goes through the main characters life. there was some kinda of pentagram devil worship under the apartment building he lived in with his friends? was a story based, 2D, Choice game.

Anyone have an idea what it is called?
It was this kids game where you could run around and do stuff, and one of the mini games was catching fairies. there was some type of greenhouse where you would need things to be able to grow? you could also have a pet or at least style something like that. there was also another mini game where you could race your animal through a track unsung the up, down, left, right keys. you were trying to get keys i think overall? MOST MEMORABLE, there was some sort of credits screen that was eerie (at least for a young kid) that had a zip line you could go on
if you remember anything about this lmk thank you
Hello! I have been searching the internet like a mad man and for the life of me cannot find an old game I used to play.
It kind of looked like Myst but it was a click&point game, their was a narrator that would sometimes say ‘alas, you are not ready for more power’ and I think maybe you collected gem stones?
You would click around and go into buildings and stuff. Please help me!

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