Do you remember what the gamepad was like when you first used it?


Aug 3, 2021
Perhaps, many excellent game controllers have been born now, and transparent game controllers will be a big development trend in the future. I prefer this kind of handle. There are no extra buttons on the back of the handle. The layout of the keys is just like the previous handle. There is no strange feeling from the moment you get it in your hand. In the handle less than 50$, I don't have too much demand for it, as long as I can calm down and feel the joy that the game brings to me. If you are like me and don't like fancy functions, or exaggerated shapes and designs, then the 6amgame transparent gamepad is a good choice.

I believe that game controllers are one of the essential peripherals for many PC players. There are so many game controllers on the market today, and there are so many types. It is difficult for beginners to choose a controller that suits them if they have not used it before. In many cases, players who are just getting started face different types of handles, and it is difficult to familiarize themselves with the button positions for a while, which leads to accidental touches.

In fact, many people only need an ordinary handle without additional buttons and functions, as long as the price is affordable and the hand feels good. As a professional game accessories website, 6amgame, naturally also considers this point for the players, and brings players a new transparent game handle that only costs 49$, 6amgame Transparent Wireless Switch Controller


When I saw this handle for the first time, it felt amazing to me. In appearance, it uses the latest transparent design, and players can see the entire gamepad from the outside to the inside. Not only that, but it also adds a colorful light function to add an atmosphere of playing games. The transparent shell and flashing colored lights make you feel like you are in the game scene when playing games with it.

Of course, if players are not satisfied with the transparent red tone, they can also enter other colors of the 6amgame Transparent Wireless Switch Controller. It contains a total of 4 models and colors. There is always one you will like. Not only allows players who like personality to freely choose colors, but also has different models for players with different needs to choose.


When I picked it up, it made me feel familiar, as if I had returned to what it felt like when I stayed up all night and played games. At the same time, I also opened the fighting game "Guilty Gear" that I have played the most with a handle to experience the feel of it.

The feedback given to me by the ABXY button is very sensitive and comfortable when I experience the game, and it will not cause pain when my fingers are pressed for a long time in the game. Of course, 6amgame is a professional game accessories website, 6amgame knows the habits of players quite well, and the entire gamepad is integrated. The experience is excellent.

In order to satisfy the player's immersive experience, the vibration level of the transparent handle of 6amgame can vary with the development of the player's plot. The player feels "immersive" during the game.

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