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Feb 7, 2019
Old console game are still played by using the emulators. Some people use the emulators on the PC. And some people use them on the Android. You can see that it can be fun making use of the emulators when you want to play some of your favorite old games. So my question which are some of your favorite games that you play using the emulators on PC or say on android?
Yes I'm using emulator on PC. It is more easier for me because i can open multiple games rather to use Android mobile.
I used to use emulators some time ago (with a few specific games). But then, I lost m patience with them (after many strange crashes) and I decided no longer used them because I don't think they are helpful for me anymore.
I tend to use Calice a lot in for my arcade games on PC. There are many other emulators to use for company specific games. Then there is ZINC and MAME that one can use as well. Depending on what are some of your favorite games it'd be not a bad idea to download them on PC and then play those games. I tend to play old zelda, street fighter and pokmon games when possible.

So which is your favorite emulator for PC?
Znes emulator is my best favorite because i can play old games like final fantasy and breath of fire games and they are many more games to choose from.
I used to once, to be more specific I used plane flying emulators, but I kinda grew out of it.
I use ppsspp on my PC. Using that I could play God of War: Ghost of Sparta, Tekken and Dissidia 12. I also have a Gameboy emulator to play Pokemon games as Metal slug and Bionic Comando.
I use emulators when nostalgia hits. Some games are just plain classics and I've unfortunately lost most of my old consoles. I'm far too lazy to look into buying surviving copies of the consoles just so I can play one or two ganes though. So emulators are the next best thing.
There are lot of emulators that can be used to play the arcade games on the android. And it can be fun to play those games on the android machine. I want to know which are some of your favorite arcade games that you are using on the android.

So which emulator on android do you use?
There are many nintendo games out there on the PC. And it can be pretty fun to play some of them. I have mostly played the emulator games that are ported for PC. And they can be pretty fun to play. Another thing is that dolphin emulator seems to be pretty good with porting of those games. Have you tried some of the games for nintendo on PC?
I don't use any emulators to play games on my laptop. The thing is, I have no need for it because I have a Galaxy S8 which I can use to play almost any mobile game. And then I've got a PlayStation 4 so I don't need to play any PS4 games with an emulator. The only games that I would like to play but don't have a chance to are PC based games like Euro Truck Simulator (my laptop wouldn't be the best for gaming) and I don't think an emulator can solve that issue.
As a matter of fact I have never even used one, I'm kinda curious to know how they work.
I have been trying PSP emulator called PPSSPP for a while. I like God of War games and Tekken. I also used to play PS1 and SNES games on my android phone using ePSXe for Android as PS1 emulator and SuperRetro16(SNES) as SNES emulator. I am really happy that I can play my favorite console games on my android phone.
I have played old console games using emulators on both, PC and android mobile phone. Also played some games connecting my PC to my TV by HDMI. It was like I had a real console! ?
But my favorite device for using emulators is my android phone. Nowadays, mobile phone screens are big and have a great resolution. I simply love to play my favorite console games on my android device. I like touchscreen.
My favorite console games that I have been playing are Crash Bash and Bandicoot for PS1, old but gold SEGA games and PSP games like God of War and Tekken.
Lot of PS specific emulators on Android. I think only ones that have issues these days is the Gameboy based emulators that can be pretty difficult if you ask me. I have played some games with the SNES and the PS based games. I can tell you that if you are into SEGA specific games then there are some games supported.
If you are curious about the emulators. You can use the DOSBOX and then run those old emulators and then play the old arcade games and other handheld games. It can be fun to play those games. And I'd say it's not that bad to consider as most of them work on the DOSBOX.

I did most of my streaming and recording on the Windows 7 for the emulators type of use. And there seems to be a lot of games out there that you can play on windows. You can see that those who want to regularly play games and stream them, emulators for arcade games is required. So I want to know how many of you are using the Emulators on Windows 10. How is your experience with the emulators on Windows 10? Do games work on the Windows 10?
Citrus 3DS emulator works pretty well. Only emulator I've used.
I think that's nintendo emulator. Not sure how that game emulator would handle other game consoles games. I may have to try this out though. If it works on WIndows 10 then it must be good.
For those of you who aren't familiar with what Bluestacks is - it's an Android emulator which allows you to play easily your favourite mobile games on your PC. Is anyone here using it or has ever used it? Would you recommend it over other Android emulators?

I have been using Bluestacks for a lot of years now. I would definitely recommend it - easy to manage, doesn't use a lot of resources (at least in my case), and simple to use. Although, the newer versions of the app aren't that good it's still an awesome emulator.

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