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What game are you playing right now?

Mostly Loud House based browser games. I also played a Loud House based mobile game. I also play anything having to do with The Loud House. So basically, anything having to do with The Loud House, i'll play. No matter on what platform.

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I've got back into Fortnite, hadn't played it for months and its changed so much and have made it a little more interesting with different map now.

Football Manager 2020 :)
Love this also too many hours of my life gone with this game

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We are a horror gaming channel on YouTube we are brand new to the format only been uploading recently but we are playing Resident Evil 7 at the moment and we’re loving it it’s better than the others we feel really enjoying it we’ve already featured Slender: The Arrival and Infliction: Extended Cut on our channel and we gonna play Blair Witch next
Well i don't know anymore... Roblox keeps messing up. They keep making boneheaded mistakes. I fee like changing it to something else. Any other world creation site will do.

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I will be honest.

I am playing MarioKart with my cousin brother. We usually do the battle mode so that we can have a lot more fun than playing with the computer.

I am a YOSHI fan and he is a DK fan. Apart from that, I play Max Payne and Destiny.


The Division 2 on PS4 and The Surge on PC. Really like the Division games. The Surge feels like a sort of Sci-fi Dark Souls (based on the little I've played).


Just started playing ghost recon breakpoint it's okay but I defiantly prefer wildlands that game was definitely more solo player friendly but I'm hoping I can solo this one the same as the previous one and the two division games so far I'm using a sniper rifle and the drone but I do miss having the ai conpanions


I've been playing a lot of FIFA 20 recently although I've been staying away from the online side of the game. I've been sticking to Career mode online which I'm having a lot of fun in


I am playing a lot of Bleeding Edge. A nice time passer and "free" on Game Pass.

It feels more fun than games like Overwatch and has really good map design.


I am replaying Dragon Age Origins as the start to a full series replay in preparation for Dragon Age 4. Dwarf Noble Rogue, currently in the Deep Roads, seeking out the Anvil with the plan being to make Bhelen king.

I've pumped hundreds of hours into this masterpiece in previous playthroughs and it still manages to surprise me with new tidbits. So much content.


AC: Odyssey... for 57 hours right now, believe it or not.

I started that recently on PS4. Really good. I love how each AC title keeps building upon what was there previously. There's so much to do and the gameplay keeps changing up depending upon what you're doing. I am not enamored with the story yet (I chose Kassandra, not sure if the story is any different with Alexios), but I could jog and sail around looking for things to do all day in that game.
I only did one playthrough of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice when it came out, doing another playthrough and I may try to do all the endings this time. Definitely deserves its GOTY title.


Picked up Frostpunk It's absorbing and engaging. Definately going to keep me occupied and entertained for a while.
I'm jumping between Mario Kart 8 deluxe and StarFox for the snes. MK8 for stress relief and StarFox to see how it holds up. Only up to the third mission as of today. To my surprise, the low frame rate isn't bothering me. I'm enjoying it quite a bit.


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Playing through The Last of Us Part 2 right now, hoping to have it done in a few weeks for when GHost of Tushima comes out :)


Picked up Warhammer 40k: Gladius on steam sale. It's... okay, so far. Not super engaged with it so far, but I've heard some good things. I really enjoy the 40k universe, but that feels like the only thing holding me on. Games feel like they start a little slow and the game boils down to just "kill everything", which makes sense in the 40k universe, but it's a little difficult in a game that presents itself as a 4X game.
Currently playing Luigi's Mansion 3 on my Nintendo Switch. I received the game for Christmas and I've been playing it off and on since then when time allows me to play.


Started The Surge on PC but thinking about giving up on it. Progress has been very slow and unclear where I should be going. I've not yet reached the next save type point and progress appears blocked by an enemy that is too powerful for me to defeat
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