Things you must try while playing GTA 5


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Jan 16, 2024
  1. Explore the Storyline: Immerse yourself in the main storyline, which follows three protagonists - Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. The narrative is rich, engaging, and full of twists.
  2. Engage in Heists: Take advantage of the game's unique heist missions. Plan and execute elaborate heists with various approaches, and enjoy the thrilling action sequences.
  3. GTA Online Multiplayer: Dive into Grand Theft Auto Online for a dynamic multiplayer experience. Join friends or other players for missions, races, and various activities in the vast open-world setting.
  4. Side Missions and Activities: Explore the diverse side missions and activities scattered throughout Los Santos. Whether it's participating in street races, completing strangers and freaks missions, or engaging in random events, there's always something to discover.
  5. Vehicle Customization: Take advantage of the extensive vehicle customization options. Upgrade and modify your cars, bikes, and planes to suit your style and enhance performance.
  6. Invest in the Stock Market: Experiment with the in-game stock market. Keep an eye on the market trends and invest wisely to see profitable returns.
  7. Hidden Secrets and Easter Eggs: Embark on a journey to discover hidden secrets and Easter eggs scattered throughout the game world. From mysterious murals to underwater UFOs, there are plenty of surprises waiting to be found.
  8. Play with Mods (PC Version): If you're playing on a PC, consider exploring the world of mods. From graphical enhancements to unique gameplay modifications, the modding community has created a plethora of content to enhance your GTA 5 experience.
  9. Role-Playing (RP) Servers: Check out GTA 5 role-playing servers if you're interested in a different gaming experience. RP servers allow players to create and immerse themselves in various characters, leading to unique and entertaining scenarios.
  10. Keep an Eye on Updates: Stay updated on any new content or updates released by Rockstar Games. GTA Online frequently receives new missions, activities, and features that can add even more excitement to the game.
    Remember to tailor your experience based on your preferences, whether you enjoy the story, multiplayer aspects, exploration, or customization options. GTA 5 offers a diverse range of activities to suit various playstyles.

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