What game are you playing right now?


I've been going back and forth between Minecraft & Mario Kart for mobile. It kinda depends on what kind of time I have to play and if I want to be able to quickly drop the game then I play the mobile version of Mario Kart.


I used to play only sport games but this is my first try of any shooter games and it's fun. I'm currently playing my friend Pedro .


Well funny enough I just dug my Amiga out of the loft. Was playing some turrican and the power block started to smoke. So right now, not playing with much just a solder gun and the internet. Should be playing COD maybe tomorrow...


I think freefire is one good game too recently. It seems like they add pretty good features every now and then.
I'm getting NFS: Heat as it came out today. It looks a lot like old-school NFS games like Underground 1/2; Most Wanted or Carbon. As far as I know they finally added neons and the overall aesthetics of the game remind me of 80s nostalgia (like FarCry: Blood Dragon or GTA: Vice City). Speaking of Vice City, Palm City from NFS: Heat is also based on Miami, Florida.