What game are you playing right now?

Well, it matters what platform you use. Anyway, I am a fan of Angry Birds Classic. Yep, this game is relatively old, but I still enjoy it. I’d say that it is a classic that can never be boring, but I won’t be the truth. In fact, I haven’t played it long enough. Still, it is great to download it again even despite I am more a casino games lover.
So I was watching this ad of the Last shelter : survival. And decided to play the game. And so far it is good. Heard from others that they are now going more of micro transactions. So I am going to play till I hit those levels.
Elder Scrolls Online on the PlayStation 4. Enjoying it so far!
Lost interest in gaming, but i play this game nowadays which i used to play in the past too. Left 4 Dead 1, still few of my old friends play this game. So i join them and play for 1 hour every weekend.
I've been playing a lot of Minion Masters on Steam.

I've been really enjoying it, it's like Clash Royale but for PC.

They have a really good ranked system and team play system as well. I've always thought Clash would do well as a PC game and I dislike emulators due to the issues you can have with them, so I was pleased when this game released and I've been pretty much addicted to it since.
I've been switching off between Digimon World 3, Gex, Gex Enter the Gecko, Wario Land 3, and a bit of Sonic Pocket Adventure. xD I took a break from FF3, but I need to get back into playing it again...
Honestly at this point I've just been doubling-down on playing Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. I loved the first game that I found on a whim when it came out so when I saw this one in CEX a few weeks ago I had to add it to my collection for sure. I've been playing it like mad (cause who doesn't love chopping heads of Orcs?) but it's actually a much larger game - in terms of the map and stuff to do - than I had envisaged. I think my girlfriend is getting annoyed with me calling myself the Bright Lord now though.
I am currently planning to finish the EL CHRONICLE game. It seems like pretty addictive. Though not a lot to hold onto in the game but it's good to play daily to some extent.
Right now I have been playing a lot of Fortnite but that isn't the only game that I am playing right now. I am also playing through Gears of War 4 and I have been playing through Crash Team Racing, Destiny 2 and Call of Duty Black Ops 4. I have so many games that I would like to play through, it's a case of finding the time though unfortunately and sometimes that can be difficult.
I am currently playing shadowgun legends. I found out that the game is pretty interesting and something many would want to play as well.

I am playing New Jump Game. It is a very interesting game. will you want to play this game? Go here
I think those jump games are called hyper casual. There seems to be a lot of games out there who are into this sort of category.
Fixin' to play some Destiny 2, now F2P on Steam!
I am currently playing this mobile game named Realm Defense and it seems like cool with their current event going on.


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