Playing Poker on Discord: a Guide to Doing it Right


Discord is well-known for its cutting-edge voice chat features and the fact that it was made with online gamers in mind. Discord allows you to make a particular chat area for your poker group. However, gamers must ensure they're well-versed in poker fundamentals before taking advantage of Discord's remote-playing option. After all, it's far more fun to play when you know what you're doing. Even if you think you have a firm grasp on poker, looking for advice from the pros to take your game to the next level is advisable.

When it comes to playing poker on Discord, the good news for gamers is that there is sufficient information online, whether from poker instructors or random individuals you encounter online or at live tournaments. Also, the software is free of annoying pop-up advertisements. So if you want to hold your virtual poker games without interruptions, this software is an excellent option.

Discord's popularity as the platform of choice for online gaming events stems from its ease of use in conjunction with its high-quality video, call, and streaming features. If you want to play virtual poker against the best players in the world, here are some suggestions for organizing your Discord poker game. Make sure your guests know that participating in the chat is entirely voluntary. Consider setting a sign-on time (say, every Friday at 7 p.m.) to let your guests know when to meet up virtually. That said, let's get into the guide!

Create a Server

Organizing a poker night in the online chat room on Discord is easy. Have a running server and add everyone to that. A server might be compared to a private or group chat room on other sites. Create a Discord account if you don't have one currently. In a while, you'll have your server up and running. The app's functionality even lets you make a separate audio channel for your games!

Launch Discord and create a server by clicking the large plus sign in the lower-left corner of the main window. You're free to customize the server configuration after that. You can choose from pre-made formats like "Gaming Club," "School Club," or "Study Group." Obviously, "Gaming" is the best option here. Choose "For me and my friends" or "For a club or community." Finally, give your server a name.

Invite Players

As an added layer of protection, each server has a unique invitation code you may give to others so they can join independently. Suppose your potential players find this too much of a hassle, you can always use one of the simple Discord server methods any server administrator has, such as manually adding each user using their User IDs.

To invite someone to a Discord server, you only need their tag and select "invite people" from the server's menu. Using this way, the server administrator can add a user, whether they are friends or not.

Create a Voice Channel

A voice channel is required for the Poker Night game mode. A new voice distribution channel can be created by selecting the server and clicking on its name. The next step is to move down the page and select the button labeled "Create Channel." Choose the Voice Channel option and create a name for the channel.

Add Activities Bot to Run Poker Game

Activities Bot is a must-have for every Discord server that wants to host multiplayer games such as virtual poker. To add the Activities Bot to your server, visit Activities. Select the "Invite this Bot" link to see the Authorization page. If you need to access Discord, please log in.

To add the Activities Bot to a specific server, select the server and then click the 'Authorize' button. Now your server will have the Activities Bot installed. You must enter specific commands to play Poker Night with the Activities Bot. To join your server:
  1. Launch Discord on your device.
  2. Type "/activity" in any text channel of the server, which will bring up a pop-up: "/activity channel activity."
  3. Click on that pop-up.

Start Your Game

Once everyone is added to the server, you can utilize Poker Night, Discord's specialized poker program. Install it on your server, and you and your friends can play poker online in no time. This app has a low learning curve. It's easy for players to get started with a voice chat; they need to join a channel and have someone press the "rocket ship" (or "start an activity") button directly beneath the chat window.

Next, they should choose Poker Night and hit the "Enter" button. The bot-generated link lets you and the other players access Poker Night in that forum. A maximum of 8 players and 17 viewers are allowed.

Final Thoughts

Playing poker with friends is sometimes the easiest way to take a break and recharge your batteries. Apart from the fun it brings, it helps collaborate with people of different backgrounds regarding several skills and strategies and provides a bird's eye view of how poker can be played. Gather your buddies for a Discord poker game and kick back with some popcorn, a can of soda or just water, and a cozy sofa.

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