What TV series are you watching right now?

Arcane on Netflix. It’s soooo good!
I think I should watch this one soon, it's been nominated for some awards too. 😁

also I've just finished watching a korean drama recently, it's title is Hotel del luna, and it's an awesome piece of fantasy romance drama. 🤩
K-drama: uncanny counter3

it's a good supernatural fantasy story. 😁
My g/f and I are bingeing X-Files.
wow, agent scully and mulder... lucky I still remember the names 😆

*googling to see if I got it right....


I was still a kid back then, and all I remember was the soundtrack mostly lols.

Maybe I should watch it, they might do a reboot or a spin-off or something.
hehe Yup! It had 9 seasons, then 2 more recently, and two movies. Not sure about a reboot. :)
Right now I'm watching House of the Dragon. It's been wonderful so far!
I have been watching Suits. I am almost finished and have loved it! I know I am late to the party.
When I have time... :D

Cobra Kai
Stranger Things
The Crown
The Mandalorian
The Witcher

..and so many others!

There's also a good few that I've started and haven't finished.
I've been watching the Resident Evil series on Netflix. It sucks but I want to finish it anyway.
I'm planning on watching "High School", a new teen drama. hehe
A part of me feels like I need to brave watching the monotony that is the modern day The Walking Dead. After all, the darn series is ending really soon. But I honestly couldn't be bothered with it after they introduced like 5,327,986 different characters and showing flashback scenes too much. Man, it's so damn confusing.

Meh. It's not really going to be ending anyway. There's going to be a gazillion spin off shows. You see, though? That's precisely my point. It's now so convoluted. :p

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