Resident Evil 3 leaked - My personal thoughts

This is too funny! :LOL:

They better fix that crap before the day 1 launch.

Also, my phone is acting like a real piece of shite today. It is so slow. ?
I am sure they will fix it. From the looks of it does not sounds like the final release plus too much flickering issue in those videos.
OK. I have to ask something about the RE Engine excuses Capcom have made...

How is Carlos looking more like Chris, than Chris himself? Chris isn't a blonde. Carlos has black hair. But he looks odd now, since he never had a beard in the original. And Jill's model doesn't even look like her real-life self, except when Julia Voth played her, Jill resembled Julia.

I don't get that at all. The guy who plays Chris in 7: Biohazard is also too young. Chris is probably around the age of 55 by this point. It's very disappointing.
Hahha. That should not be an excuse though. Design excuses are not excusable. I can understand about effects and code. But facial expression and looks, that's design disaster. Capcpm or for that matter their sister companies who work on it should be held accountable.
At last! Capcom has shown off some gameplay. We get to see Nemesis chasing Jill, and some other creatures in Raccoon City.


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