Resident Evil 4 Remake - My thoughts


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Jun 15, 2019
I hate to say it, but I think it's gonna turn out dog poop, with soy boy Leon telling awful jokes, and half the game likely being cut out for speed runners. I'm not a fan of that NOT A HORROR game anyhow, but I think lots of fanboys are gonna be real mad if they screw it up.

The RE3 remake is the definition of how you do NOT remake a beloved game. Not that fans really ever liked RE3 as much as RE2 for some reason, but RE3 rocks.

In my opinion, they should just enhance or upscale the existing RE4. If they mess up RE4, that's not going to bode well, because RE4 is on a pedestal with gamers. Plus, I mean, you can already find the original RE4 on just about everything these days. I'm sorry, but I can kind of see this being a cash grab, and I'm concerned that after they run out of remakes, they'll even remake RE1 as a third person shooter, like anybody even needs to see that play out.

I understand and largely agree with your feelings - however still the remake is no worse than the latest cinema movie - it's a bad year for Resident Evil
Well, I think Capcom has an awful habit of telling lies to their fans. It's bad enough they copied other games, but I really feel like RE8 was developed to get people excited for this RE4 remake.

They claim RE7 received feedback about it being too scary. They said something like that, for sure. But that's dumb, because survival horror is supposed to be this way. After all, fans were tired of the action oriented games, so RE7 was kind of a welcome return to the genre it more or less boosted.

RE8 is practically a copy of RE4. But RE4 isn't even scary, and I think Capcom is well aware of that fact. Capcom knows that they needed an excuse for the difference in styles, so I think they basically tried to pin it on something fans allegedly said. Although I have a hard time believing Capcom got any such complaints. They likely just made something up out of the blue.

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