Who here enjoys country music?


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Feb 1, 2019
Do you people enjoy country music as much as I do? I love how country music is played. It is cool, talks about real life issues and it sounds so soothing. I rarely seem to get enough of this type of music.
I do love country music. It is the kind of music that makes you appreciate the truth about the society. It is also makes you appreciate different genre of music.
I like country music but here in my country this music is very rare so this genre of music I can find it on YouTube.
That is true. Country music has a tendency to address and bring about issues happening in the society. That is part of the reason why I love this kind of music cause it resonates with the heartbeat of society.
I like country music but here in my country this music is very rare so this genre of music I can find it on YouTube.
It is unfortunate that country music is not popular or easily available in your country. The upside is that you can access it on Youtube. Who knows, maybe you can even contribute to making it popular in your country while at it. Just my thoughts, anyway.
I like country music at times. I'll go through phases where I really want to listen to it. Then, I'll have moments where I'd rather listen to anything else. I'm not sure I'm weird haha.
I'm not into country music that much. Mostly rap or hard rock/metal myself. Currently my family listens to a lot of country. It's really their thing. They don't really listen to much else but country.
As someone from the UK, I have no interest in it at all. But I do love the latest song for Lil Nas X which I guess is somewhat a country song :D
There is some debate on whether the "new country" is real country. Many die-hards prefer the classic country and resent the "new country" being called "country".

Well, I don't mind the new country. Bottom line is that the old stuff - doesn't fit with the times. It's like someone blasting Elvis on the car radio! ;)
I am so glad to have found another Country music fan! I often ask people if they enjoy Country music and get a look like I have two heads or they will tell me that they are not a huge fan of that kind of music. I listen to Country music almost every day and can never grow tired of it at all. Alan Jackson, George Strait, Hunter Hayes, Luke Bryan, Chris Young, Lady Antebellum are some of the artists I love to listen to when it comes to Country music. I could list off so many more but I would be here all day!

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