What made you sad today?


Apr 22, 2023
Again, as title suggests, tell us what made you sad today?

Personally, continuous Chemical attacks on Girls Schools in my country, Iran.
Wanted to buy something important for my family and it got much more expensive, so I cant afford it any longer.... Hate this feeling of being useless....
I don't know don't get sad about other peoples behavior, can't help
I cried today when I saw the Challenger disaster during a show about forensic science. :( I actually saw it live, in school, in 86'. Heartbreaking....
Nothing have mad me sad today and I hope it better stays that way till the day is over. Hell, today is Friday. It's a day one suppose to be happy and have fun after working through the weekdays.
I saw a dead animal on the side of the road and cried. I'm an animal lover....
I saw a dead animal on the side of the road and cried. I'm an animal lover....

This is very heartbreaking. I'm sure it's someone who killed the animal. Did you get to know what kind of animal was that? It's how sad I feel when dogs are killed in my neighbourhood by hit and run drivers. It's so wrong for animals to be treated with such cruelty.
It was a deer. Then, about 20 feet past it, was a car's smashed front bumper!
Had a fall-out with a very close friend of mine. Nobody's fault as such. Just, long distance takes a toll on friendships as well and not just romantic relationships.

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